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Friday, October 7, 2011

Important Tips in Feng Shui for Mischievous Children

Mischievous children are often a term and does not represent your child. Whenever you enter a children's room you will get to see a children's bed single or bunk bed if there are more children. Then you see the study table along with the wardrobe. There may also be a play area if the room has space for it.
When thinking of feng shuing your child's room the first thing you must focus upon is not your likes or the latest designs but what your child may need and enjoy. Think sideways and offbeat as children are attracted to new things and the old style of table, bed and wardrobe maybe boring thus making your child prone to mischief. You can arrange the furniture taking care of more traffic areas and thus making it comfortable for your child. By more traffic areas I mean the places where the child needs to move about frequently as example you must not place the table with sharp corners near the door as the child may get hurt frequently at times of entering or leaving the room. Keep all the toys and objects of play in a place and also make your child learn to keep these in their respective places after play. This will avoid undue clutter and also risk of accidents due to falling or getting hurt.
Place a small plant in their room and encourage them to take care of this as this will make them feel responsible. This will help them to utilize their bundle of energy positively. Try to understand why your child is mischievous. Their needs may not be met, be it physical, emotional, psychological or your child may just crave for attention from you if you are a busy working mom!
Before going in for professional help, which has now become the style for today’s parents, you can think and spend some time with your kid daily. They are presenting themselves as attention seeking individuals and by doing mischief they are getting your attention which may be through negative means. Many times children do not complete home work and also pay less attention in school. This again is leading us to bad feng shui in the house and children’s room. Your child’s energy levels are not balanced according to the environment and hence they are rebelling. Each child is different and remember to cater to them differently. Your son may be mild but the daughter may be energetic and vice versa.
First talk it over in a strong but confident tone, remember your child will reflect your energy so try not to get irritable and angry. Keep things of interest in your child’s room so that they feel comfortable and get a feeling of belonging. Invite their friends and allow them treats if they behave good. Many times they just want attention so make them understand your working life style and believe me children look small but they do understand if you explain and converse to them and even feel important part of the family. Give them a feeling of importance and then see how they are happy to take responsibility.
Try to rule out any health problems by going to a good child specialist and make sure they are not suffering form any deficiency or attention deficit disorder or hyper activity disorder. Also heck out if they lack any nutrients and give them additional tonic and vitamins for balancing their energy. Worms are another reason for children becoming irritable.
For balancing the energy of your mischievous child’s room keep many toys and activity games to keep them occupied, remember it is the free time and excess energy that is leading them to do mischief. Important feng shui rule is place a cactus plant out of the window of your mischievous child’s bedroom to ward off the negative energy. Do not use stickers of animals or the most commonly used stars in their room as this will lead them to feel disoriented. Hang beautiful paintings of happy pets playing, colourful flower paintings and beautiful landscape paintings showing sunrise. Avoid dark colours in your mischievous child’s bed room as this will make them more irritable. Select lighter and pastel shades for their walls and you can highlight with few bright colours to give some energy to the room.
All the Best!  

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