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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Feng Shui Lucky Ship Cure for Wealth and Tips for Purchasing the Lucky Ship

Lucky Ship With Bag of Gold Coins

 The lucky ship cure is one of the simplest and easiest cures for increasing wealth and welcoming good luck and prosperity into your home. The feng shui shops have many types of ships and they are in all sizes and of different materials. A metal ship is best as this has to enhance your money luck and coins are metal. You can purchase a feng shui lucky ship that has a bag of gold coins or treasure on its deck. This treasure is symbolic and does not need to be real money. You can place few coins real or Chinese coins tied in red bag or place artificial gold jewellery on the ship. This indicates that the ship is full of wealth and treasures.
Lucky Ship cure for Wealth
Placement of the lucky ship in feng shui- You can put a lucky ship near the entrance to welcome good luck and wealth into your house. But remember to place the ship in such a manner that it is facing inwards that is the wealth is flowing inside and not going outside. Placing in improper manner may lead to financial and material losses as this will indicate wealth going outside the house which is harmful for your finances.
Placement of lucky ship according to feng shui must be in the north or north west corner of your room. Since north is the section of career and money and it is activated by water and metal having a ship would be a very good symbol to enhance your wealth luck. You can also tie some money coins and keep it hidden in the north west section for improving money luck.
An important tip for purchasing the lucky ship as wealth cure in feng shui is to avoid buying a lucky ship in plastic or wood. Yes I have seen beautiful ships made with lovely carvings in wood, but according to feng shui you cannot place wood in the metal element section as this is harmful and metal cuts wood. Another aspect that needs an important mention here is to avoid buying a sinking ship or say 'Titanic ship' written on it. As well all know the Titanic sunk so it is a negative image and it would be best to avoid such objects as cures in your homes. Even if you have such cures please remove them immediately as these send out negative arrows and subconsciously you start feeling depressed and your financial curve begins to go downwards!
For best placement place of the lucky ship you can clear a place in your living room just near the door and place the wealth ship facing inwards. Since it is a common cure and many homes have these ships there is no problem in placing it as it is a universally accepted cure for improving wealth luck.
All the Best!  

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