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Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to reKindle the Fire of Passion in your Marriage with Feng Shui

How to rekindle the fire and passion in your marriage using simple feng shui cures. 
Romance and love are at their peak during dating and early marriage but as years pass and the couple are involved with their daily family life romance and passion just disappears. Life become monotonous and boring and some times this may even lead to break ups or another person entering in between the couple. Wake up early and learn to recognize the first symptoms of your relationship falling apart before it is too late. Use feng shui for creating romance and passion in your relationship. Here are some Feng shui cures for the married couple to rebuild passion in their relationships.
All that Remains is Love

Pair of paintings

Innocent Happiness 

Bedroom Art Rizwana Mundewadi

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Some aspects are better not talked much but here action is required. Think according to your and your spouse’s nature, the things you like and do not like. Before jumping to any cure for your bedroom think according to your personal tastes and preferences as when you over do it some times it may back fire. First think of the colour of the walls in your bedroom, if there are leakages immediately get them repaired or hang a beautiful painting over it, by this I mean conceal the dirty wall by any attractive decorative painting or wall hanging if it is not possible for you to spend large amounts on repairing the leakages immediately.
Select soothing colours for the walls like peach, pink, and any pastel shades you prefer. it would be advisable to see the best colour for that particular area according to feng shui directions for best results. Think peace and relaxing before selecting any colour and also Select a  pastel shade, you can use red colour as an accent or for single wall on the south or south east area. Put red flowers in a cream or pastel coloured vase near your bed on the side table. Remember to have similar things and furniture in pairs in your bedroom. two wardrobes, two mirrors, two side table, two lamps, two paintings, two vase all in pairs as this wills end a message to your brain that you are a couple and a happy one!
Place the bed in the best position in the room according to feng shui and also consider your best position. Finally make your bedroom attractive by lighting a pair of fragrant candles during evenings and also light some good fragrance incense to clear the negative energy there. Paintings of loving couples dancing and enjoying or your personal happy moments clicked can also be hung for positivity. You may also have artificial silk flowers or paintings of flowers in your bedroom. But remember any cure of paintings you use must have bright fresh colours and not be muddy. And also all objects painted must be in pairs. Place some fragrant flowers in a bouquet like roses or rajni gandha, my favourites, in a vase for a heavenly fragrant bedroom or chameli, mogra flower garlands available in the market can be used as hair decorations.
Paintings of two birds or a pair of ducks is a very effective cure in feng shui for creating passion and love in your relationship. You can hang a pink crystal or chandelier in the south west area to repair relationships gone sour and improve your love life. While selecting a cure think about the likes of your partner as they may repel if they do not like a certain thing or colour. It would be advisable to shop for a feng shui cure together so that both are involved in repairing the relationship. All the Best!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Bedroom Feng Shui Important Points 

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