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Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to Please your Boss Using Feng Shui

Ask any employee what they wish for most and each one and every one will echo the same words, they wish to have a happy boss, a smiling face of your employer is the sure shot for getting raise and increase in salary. Feng shui can also benefit in improving relationships and also welcome new job opportunities and offers in your way thus improving your relationships with your boss.
Pleasing your boss is an important emotion which can be achieved easily by clearing your environment of clutter and dirt. Keep all your documents up to date and always be ready to accept new challenges at work. According to feng shui the relationships of helpful friends falls in the  north west corner and you can place the picture of your employer on a good quality photo frame, boss having a smiling face.
Place a lucky bamboo plant on your table on the left hand side and see the clients and your boss happy. Another feng shui cure would be to place water on your table on the right hand side covered. This can be done by considering the elements of the room and placing accordingly. Hang lucky feng shui coins tied in red ribbons inside your drawer or personal locker for improving your money luck. The most important and effective cure for healthy relationship with your boss would be to hang a picture on a good quality photo frame where you both are happy, be it from a party or any happy occasion where you both have a snap, or you could go ahead and click a snap at an occasion and then hang this photograph in your north west corner. You can improve your career luck by using feng shui. The important point here which is never mentioned anywhere is that you have to make it a ritual or habit before leaving for office to look at the picture and have positive assertion that all your relationships are healed. Visualize that your boss is happy and is praising you and then leave for the day.
You will definitely see positive results within 21 days after following this feng shui cure and of course please remember that there is no replacement to hard and sincere work. Feng shui can help you to please you boss with this cure but it will no do your job, that I am afraid you will have to do yourself!
All the Best!  

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