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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simple Feng Shui Rules for Money Luck

Money it is said is very much like horses! the more you run after it the more it will make you run. People are always in search for increasing money and improving money luck. It is a very simple formula you cannot expect money when you are not working towards it. Nature has a very simple law , you reap what you sow People very often keep trying for many feng shui cures to attract money luck but do not pay attention to improve their work or services. Little chance of seeing miracles in attracting money luck and then they blame feng shui for not working.
First of all stop thinking too much about money and start focusing upon improving your work quality and services that you offer. Divert all attention on learning new skills and improving your business and product quality. Remove all the clutter in your home and office, also keeping in mind your mental clutter. Now try to focus on where there are energy leaks in your house and life.
By energy leaks I mean broken furniture, broken walls, broken pipes and even broken or chipped plates and cups! All these are energy drainers which will absorb all the positive energy from your home environment and in turn your life. Try to also look among the people with whom you spend most of the time. There may be people who are negative, depressed and low achievers in your group who generalize the energy of the whole group. So it may be that you are getting their transferred energy. Please try to change your group. It is better to have no friends than friends who are energy suckers.
Cleanse your home and office with burning incense and make the office inviting and comfortable. Then you can begin with following simple feng shui cures for office, home and business. Beginning from the main door to your office and right down till your door mat , there are many easy feng shui cures to attract money and business luck. You can also have feng shui paintings as simple feng shui cures in all areas.
Cracking doors and creaking cars all are energy drainers. Things may not be broken but are creaking and are taking some energy and this energy is from you. Hence you may feel tired and drained even after a night's sleep. These are like leaking ships, in the end it will drown.
Only money coming is not important, it has to stay with you. Hence you need feng shui cures to not only attract more money but to also keep money accumulating with you.  Do make a habit of saving even few coins in a wealth vase or pot and keep small change in it daily. Keep this vase hidden from public viewing. Make your home beautiful and lush green plants as possible to invite positive energy into your home and office.
All the Best!  

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