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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Conch Shell Feng Shui Cure

Conch shells are considered very auspicious by many religions and they have a place in many homes . How can we use the same conch shells as feng shui cures. By proper placement of this conch shells we can effectively use this as a feng shui cure for many problem areas of our life. Conch being an important symbol in Tibetan culture the Buddhists believes this as a symbol of enlightenment and mental awareness.
Conch shells are available at beaches and to get the right sound from the conch shell you may need to select a conch shell which is hollow at the right places and is complete without any breakage in the shell. You can buy authentic conch shells from reputed feng shui shops or online feng shui stores that supply authentic feng shui cures. This conch shell can be used as an education cure and to increase self realisation and awareness among family members.
This will heal many relationships among family members and with others outside the family. For improving education luck of your children you can place conch shell in your child's room. In their study room you can put a conch shell in the north east direction to improve concentration and invite improvement in academic grades of your children. You can put up a conch shell in your living room as part of your interior decor and improve your motivation and education luck. The question arising in your mind would be that you are well settled with your business or job and your education is complete then why do you need education luck? .
We all need education luck at any age and even though people are having a good job and income this education luck is necessary for improvement and learning new skills to keep themselves updated along with the time.  Qualifications will not last forever and everyone needs to update their resumes according to the changing times, only then will they be able to sustain themselves with their job and career.
Improve your education luck using a simple feng shui cure of conch shell and place it in proper direction to invite education luck into your home and your life.
All the Best!  

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