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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Choose the Right Dining Table with Feng Shui

Dining tables come in a variety of materials and designs. With latest trends of selecting dining table according to the space available we very often see people opting for folding dining table or glass or metal tables. With furniture selection being based on our interior designer we hardly think of considering selecting a dining table according to feng shui principles.
Let us consider a few options in dining tables that are considered best according to feng shui principles. As in feng shui w e believe that earth element is strongest and best for human beings selecting a wooden dining table would be best according to feng shui rules. Have a dining table which has four legs which indicates firm grounding and good health for your family. It is good to select a square or rectangle shaped table as it maximizes space utilisation and is considered a very good shape for dining table. Dining together is one principle which we all agree with and having the family at the dining table at least once every day is essential to maintain love and respect within your family members.
Your kitchen must have earth colour or white colour so when selecting a dining table go for less conspicuous colours. A wooden shade is better to avoid losing focus from the food in your plate. Since we prefer to have a white kitchen which promotes good health and brings out the true colours of your food it would become too boring for some. And people prefer to have red and orange in the kitchens which are good colours that will uplift the energy of your kitchen. So when selecting a coloured finish for your wooden table you can select any attractive colour except turquoise which is believed to bring about some amount of depression in the kitchen environment. Let your creativity free with decorating your dining table with fresh flowers, fresh fruits or even plastic fruits.
When selecting a metal dining table go in for designs that do not have sharp edges and when you have a square or rectangle table you can go in for curved corners to avoid the sharp pointed negative arrows from this. When you select a glass table top try to have wooden legs for the table. When you have metal table it is good to get strength of metal in your kitchen. In case of metal or other materials for your dining table try to incorporate wooden element in form of a green plant or lucky bamboo plant for energizing your dining table.
All the Best!  

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