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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Best Place for Home Office in Feng Shui

With many people doing work from home there are offices made in the home. You see computers, laptops, printers and fax machines all in your bedroom. Since many people work from their home they have to have all the office stationary and equipment facilities and usually the most private area of your home that is the bedroom is selected to have the home office. This in feng shui is considered bad and one must not have a office or work related material in your bedroom.
Having an office in your home is good as you save lots of energy, time and money and you get to focus more upon your home and family. You can select an area or corner in your living room where a table can be set up for your home office and internet. The west, north west and south east are best locations for setting up an home office. Since the element of these areas is metal all equipment and stationary will be suitable in here. The telephone and mobile phone can also be placed in the North West or west of your home to attract good business opportunities and money luck. In feng shui we believe to be close to earth and all these latest technology equipments emit negative energy which drains our life source. Hence it is very important to have a green healthy plant on your work office table or near the table. Try to keep your home office organised and clean. Do not accumulate clutter here and time and again keep checking your work area to maintain its positivity.
In case you cannot have your home office in your living room or any other room and you have no choice but your bedroom then you can follow these simple feng shui tips for making your home office according to feng shui principles. Here you can begin with having a small divider in form of partition, curtain or even some furniture like a cupboard or wall unit. Having some plant on your table will keep the energy replenished here. Try to avoid big plants and more soil in your bedroom as feng shui does not promote having real plants in your bedroom. For curing money luck problems and attracting more wealth and good business do not have water features in your bedroom. You can go in for feng shui paintings as cures for your home office in your bedroom. All the feng shui cures used in the rest of your home may not be applicable to your bedroom and you may need to adjust cures according to your work space available.
If possible have a strict time table for working and do not let your office work spread to the rest of the house. This will cause imbalance and disharmony in your home and family. One important tip for home office is to stick feng shui lucky coins under your work table or hang a feng shui painting of coins near your home office table. You can also stick or tape some coins on your office telephone and your files and registers and below your laptop or computer for attracting good business and money luck.
All the Best!  

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    1. wow what a contemporary way to build an office. great designs and office modules on your web site.

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