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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Feng Shui for Your New Pre Owned Car Feng Shui Tips for Second Hand Cars

Feng Shui for Your New Pre Owned Car Feng Shui Tips for Second Hand Cars, the buying and selling of cars, an important vehicle today almost every house and every member has a vehicle today.
Every vehicle has the energy of its own as well as that of the owner.
If your new preowned car is behaving erratically, or without reason stops, troubles you just check the feng shui energy of the car and help it out! Mots times evil eye cures are hung on bumpers or dash boards for protection and this , like many share has helped their vehicles in running  smoothly.
When you buy a second hand car-
1) wash it thoroughly. Even under the seat covers, the floor mats and the door inside accumulate energy from past owners.
2) Purify it with burning incense and fragrance inside and out. The engine has to be good and not noisy or giving a jerky bumpy start.
3) Flowers and garlands are great to help refresh the energy of your vehicle.
4) Check all the mirrors and glass surfaces. Window glass, mirrors, all have to be clean, clear and not cracked or broken.
5) Use feng shui elements theory to choose  color of your pre owned car. Your lucky color can add up to your feng shui luck. Feng Shui lucky color is red and it is beneficial to attract wealth luck, and Scientifically also red is an energy color os passion and happiness.
Check Your Pre Owned Car Feng Shui
But other colors too have their own significance and one can choose accordingly.
6) If it is an accident vehicle, do this all the more to purify the energy as this will keep affecting the next owners.
7) Sound is also a great purifier and helps purify the interior space of your new car. Stereo systems and music systems must be in proper condition as this affects the feng shui  of your car.
8) The most important oat part of your  car, the horn, the mouth of your car affects the driver immensely. If the horn is soft, not in working condition  this indicates very strong ill luck and shar energy and affects the driver as well as the members sitting in the car .
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere efforts, for everything else there is feng shui!

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