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Saturday, December 5, 2015

What are Feng Shui Paintings How Will You apply Feng Shui With Paintings Understanding Feng Shui Energy in Zen paintings

What are feng shui paintings? when we talk of feng shui paintings does a simple flower stalk, stones, bamboo stalks or fishes come in your mind. On Google search of feng shui paintings you will find simply these paintings only. Feng shui paintings have a much wider range and not just peaceful images. They are actually termed Zen paintings as they bring soothing energy.
Soothing images in paintings that bring relaxing energy are Zen paintings and feng shui paintings do have a lot more different types of symbolism and  energies. If you display soothing soft images paintings in south it will not attract the desired energy for fame and recognition, in fact may lead to no motivation to work.
Then another area suffering from lack of knowledge is the career area. people are hanging horse paintings and dirty confusing water falls which they buy on name of feng shui paintings. This has never been understood that each image displayed will  affect the feng shui of your space and your mind.
My feng shui paintings  have been made with positive intentions and apply the principles of feng shui symbolism, elements theory and color symbolism. Images Painted in feng shui paintings attract good luck and wealth energy. Each sector has been well though off and studied before guiding you to hang or choose an artwork for your space.
Bedroom feng shui paintings I see so many, have been made with dried stalks of flowers, fishes swimming with water, the most controversial topic in feng shui of displaying water  in bedroom, is never thought of while buying feng shui art for bedrooms!
Then I have also noticed that feng shui healing paintings are sold as many prints, healing energies cannot be transferred to prints. What type of energy can come about with commercialization.
Focus and purpose oriented feng shui paintings will serve their purpose, that is act as great feng shui cures for your space. While you cannot put the many feng shui cures in your home space feng shui paintings are a great way to use the walls and attract the positive energy.
Then another energy point of view is feng shui  paintings need not be soothing every time. They have to fill up the energy vacuum in life and attract the required type of energy.
Another most important shocking discovery! the so called Feng shui paintings are painted abnormal images, partly broken part, incomplete flowers, irregular shapes, and the worst is three panels of images and this is suggested for bedroom feng shui art!  and just imagine what these three panels, number 3,  will do for your relationships if this is hung in bedroom in relationships area!!!!
Feng shui Art is not just about stones, fishes  and Bamboos! it is much more!
All this Happiness, Rizwana Mundewadi

Feng Shui Bedroom Paintings, Rizwana Mundewadi
Rizwana Mundewadi and some thoughts on understanding feng shui symbolism in paintings!
Have a Great Day!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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