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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Make Your Vision Board Money Board This 2016 Unique Wish Board Tips and Feng Shui Symbolism

Vision boards have been used in business houses and management personnel since years these are drafts, or plans put on paper. In feng shui we do just this and then see how our life goes about fulfilling and attracting each aspect.
While we see feng shui cures available in the market its high time you gave your home and your life a unique new energy. The same feng shui cures in so many houses, just makes your space look boring and monotonous. Oh yes I see the same feng shui boats the same turtles and the money frogs, in so many homes.

Rarest of the Rare Gold Pearls , Made into Hand Made Jewellery
The need for uniqueness has brought me into making feng shui art. And then there was also space crunch and the maintaining of all theses, oh so many feng shui cures, that for convenience , comfort and good luck I just assembled my thoughts and put them onto paper! The visions boards you make can be unique and creative with images and objects.
You can first understand your own wishes and symbols you relate to and them make your vision board.
Four Clover Luck, sharing here a complete package of good luck, Acrylic on canvas, Rizwana Mundewadi
Different people view and connect to different objects like today a ship does not symbolize bringing wealth , in fact we see  Couriers and Air Parcels coming our way, so putting a ship may not be so much you relate with money.
Then also while money transfer is online putting a cheque may some what not relate with you.
People also go in for bold text message and inspirational quotes paintings and this does work as visual communication is best.
Pictures and images of places you wish to visit can be got from magazines and also online sites. You can put travel spots, tourist places and even details like which travel agency you wish to go with.
In your family feng shui, you can collect happy occasions photos and put up a collage to carry this energy for your life.
You have to understand, connect and relate to the symbols on your walls!
Thus bring in some creative unique energy this New Year, Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing you a Merry Christmas and A Very Happy Prosperous New Year!
Where to hang Wish Fulfillment Paintings
Symbolism of House Wish Fulfillment Paintings
Thank you very much,, each one of you,  for liking my blogs,  reading my posts, commenting  and sharing, Thanks a lot for all my followers and art lovers and especially my art buyers for encouraging me to continue making healing art, I hope I continue to share knowledge and this helps many of you all! Its great to receive the happy emails of seeing my Feng shui advice and Reiki healing working on, just following my intuitions and my spirit guides, Thank you! God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

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