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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Add Best Feng Shui Energy Hand Made Products This 2016! Fire Monkey Year

This 2016 , the awareness and trends going more towards hand made and eco friendly products. the simple Zen life and the earth luck energy f romf eng shui point of view is making way for people opting for more natural made, hand made products. 
These hand made items and products are not only unique but also inculcate feng shui principles and have great energy. 
This 2016 , the year of the Fire Monkey, choose and add the Lucky colors white blue and gold.
Chinese New year begins from February 8 Monkey year , and you can refurbish and make your space welcoming with magical feng shui. 
The lucky numbers 4 and nine can be applied and used for your benefit.
Hand made wooden dining ware, plates and bowls are in thing and have great feng shui energy. Trays made of wood with the visible grains have their natural designs and colors giving an earthy feel to your home. 
Then also symbolically adding Zen minimalist art pieces and paintings create a great ambiance. 
While perfection and artificial materials  ruled with graphic prints till 2015, this year the trends will go more towards natural shapes, forms and irregular, and natural will rule! Even the simple color palettes of black and white and of course  the Pantone colors of the year Serenity and rose quartz are definately two most beautiful feng shui healing colors that when added to your space will start spreading love compassion peace and prosperity!
My Favourites and I am really happy and Thankful for Pantone to choose these Awesum healing energy colors, Change your decor with the two healing colors  and add some great feng shui energy this New Year and the mantra this 2016 is go natural!
Accessories, highlights,lights, artifacts and paintings all can be added with a modern contemporary touch of style and sparkle!
Simple colors, rustic styles, hand made products, all have great feng shui energy. Breaking away from the traditional, new designers are bringing  in more of hand made items for the elite audience!
This 2016 bring in feng shui with hand made products and original art!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Feng Shui Painting by Raz
Happy Feng shuing!
Please do visit my website for original hand made symbolic healing feng shui paintings.Thank you!

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