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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gifting a Heart Painting this Christmas and New Year Will it Break Your Relationship! Check Feng Shui Of Heart Paintings Before Buying

Some important consequences of heart paintings gone wrong and Feng Shui Healing tips to consider before buying and choosing heart paintings.
1) Never buy bleeding hearts paintings, this symbolizes heart break and is sure to affect your relationships whether it is your friend, partner or spouse.
2) Cracked hearts, a famous representation in many artworks, again represents break and may affect your relationship. 
3) Dark colored black hearts are seriously bad symbolism and never choose such artworks, may develop doubt, fear and insecurities in your relationship. 
4) More than two hearts represents a third entry into your relationship, not good for healthy relationship. 
5) Hearts that are incomplete symbols, again will adversely affect your relationship, symbolizing either both or one of the partner will not give their hundred percent for this relationship. 
6) Single heart paintings for gifting a couple must be avoided as it leads the viewer to loneliness.
7) Avoid stormy seas and muddy backgrounds in heart painting gifts. It symbolizes trials, misunderstanding and quarrels among the couple.
8) It is best to choose hearts overlapping each other for perfect harmony and happiness as compared to two separate hearts in the painting. 
Best colors for heart paintings are pink and red. You can also buy colorful hearts but be sure to buy full symbols.
Hope this helps!
Usually paintings and artworks selected of painted hearts are never simply hearts, they have a lot of other images and objects also in them which can bring out a totally different symbolism and energy.  Yes symbols of hearts , people in love feel there is no better way to express their love and bonding for their mates and friends. Two hearts has become a universal symbol for love and soul mates and people buy this for any occasions to express love. 
Choose the Heart paintings carefully and Here's Wishing You Awesum Happinesses on Christmas and New Year, with My "Beautiful love"
Beautiful Love, Acrylic on Paper, Rizwana Mundewadi

God Bless and all the Best from Rizwana!

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