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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Festival of Lights Check out Some Practical Feng shui Home Cleaning Tips and My Article in Spiceroute Inflight Magazine November 2015 Issue

 The festival of lights and cleaning the house begins from the curtains to cushions and all artefacts everything is cleaned. Just go with these simple feng shi tips and clean your home this festival attracting prosperity.
1) Purify your home with not just sweeping and mopping , add some fresh liquid fragrances t o have a clean fresh smelling home, and we know how a great fragrant home brings in peace and soothing energy, great feng shui! Each object must be touched and cleaned which will remove accumulated energy and attract fresh energy.
2) This time do check all the clutter, the outer as well as the inner, yes not just your home objects but your mind and emotional baggages need to go!
Feng Shui Bells Hanging invite Great Goodluck
3) Festival of lights and some areas of your life are still not activated , check out dull dark areas in your home, Add some lights and see how your life changes for better!
Light this festival season feng shui fragrant candles
4) Feng Shui cures are magical energy bundles , added them , do place them in proper directions, some amount of checking helps!
Job Career opportunities luck comes by placing shiny crystal globe
5) Clean just about everything and not just furniture and walls!  from the little floor lights to the knobs of door and even the doormat! all objects in some way or other invite feng shui wealth luck in your space.
Check out my article in Spice Jet's  Inflight magazine Spiceroute this months issue, November 2015. For more on Practical workable suggestions for House Cleaning the  Feng Shui Way.
Ba Gua Protection Acrylic on Cardboard Evil Eye Good Luck Feng Shui Cure
Buying some art this festive season, don’t forget to come by my website for some feng shui paintings!
All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!

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