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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Doors in Line Symbolism of Doors in One Line with Feng Shui Back Door main Door in One Line Feng Shui Tips

Doors in Line Feng Shui Symbolism
Doors in one line, doors parallel to each other and many doors in a house all in one line, are some feng shui imbalances that we never notice. Modern homes today have many rooms each interlinked with  doors that are in one line.
Then there are also main door  and back door or two doors to the living room.
Also another room arrangement I have seen are with main door having all rooms on sides and the whole long pathway leading straight to kitchen.
Each one has a different feng shui perspective and affects health wealth and prosperity of your home.
Simply put people say the more doors the more opportunities/incoming wealth,  and love to have large doors and entrances.
Sharing some feng shui thoughts-
1) Main entrances have to be proportionate to the size of home, too large doors means incoming energy is strong and  inmates cannot balance the energy, affects health and peace of mind.
2) too small doors and entrances in line again indicates small energy incoming and that too neutralized, so opportunities are mild and one cannot earn enough even after trying many things to work out.
3) In line doors dilute the chi coming from main door and nourishes only the first room and the last.
4) Energy goes to the end of the room, so also people coming in go straight in. So the other rooms lack energy and happiness. Stagnant chi.
5) Main door in feng shui is mouth, incoming chi, wealth. Back door is where the  negative energy goes out. When in line they indicate an imbalance of feng shui energy. Either the doors have to be shifted or it is advisable to use only one door as main entrance.
6) Some homes people for comfort level use only back doors, this will indicate in the means they earn their income, it may be more of back door prosperity. No I am not indicating it is illegal money but just that it may be wealth coming that is unrecorded. or not known to others. That which you cannot proudly share.
7) The people staying in other rooms will have less creative energy, less health energy and less confidence. They will not be able to mix with other family members and often feel neglected as every time guests and  people come in they sit in first room or straight away go tot the end room. Less nourishing chi as movement of chi in one line in harmful according to traditional feng shui masters the devil goes in straight line. Hence All Chinese constructions and designs encourage curvy directions and roads.
Important feng shui imbalances with one single line many doors , that cannot be broken and reconstructed can be by applying feng shui simple cures, Simply add furniture, plants,  wind chimes, hanging door ornaments or tassles of colored threads that move with wind , this will allow chi from flowing fast to the end of the home and make it stay in between for some time, thus nourishing the other rooms also. Try it, it  works!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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