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Monday, January 26, 2015

Choosing feng shui color crystals guide Feng Shui Simple Cures for Poison arrows meaning Best Use of Crystals and Placement in Feng Shui

Light in any form is healing except for strong colorful lights, but this too in some cases of  negative energy help and heal.Crystals , good quality ones have cuts and finishes that reflect light beautifully when exposed to sunlight. Crystals are available in many colors and the most loved and sought after are pink, white/opaque or transparent and emerald green.
Poison arrows, often you hear this term from a feng shui master, and a poison arrow simply means a object, thing, color or light or wind that is not in sync  with your environment. A simple wooden plant or a tree in front of your entrance or an over grown branch peeping into your window becomes shar energy, a poison arrow that takes your energy each and every time you see, or pass by it.
So while it is best to trim such branches and for large trees it is not possible to remove. Thus however beautiful the space is this single aspects can create poison arrows that are directed towards you, affecting your health, peace of mind and prosperity.
Poison arrows in feng shui can also be from next door neighbors, strong lights, tall plants or some garbage and dumped old items that may be affecting your peace of mind. Then there are drain pipes, wiring and many more such things that are simple but may affect your mind and thus drain energy and your personal chi, this is termed as a poison arrow in feng shui.
Crystals in feng shui have a very important role as feng shui cures.  Reflecting light crystals are available in many colors. As in Reiki healing we have seven colors representing the energy of the seven chakras we can use crystals effectively to dissolve negative energy and poison arrows pointed towards you.
Poison Arrows meaning and Feng Shui Simple Cures Best Use of Crystals in Feng Shui

Pyramid shapes are great as they have a pointed tip that is the best , facing upwards representing direct connection with heaven luck energy, pointing towards the sky. White crystals, transparent are best as they actually have all the colors of the rainbow in best frequency making it appear white.
Green the color of heart chakra, and a green pyramid or healing prism can be placed in east sector to enhance wealth and health. Pink crystals also heals the heart and also a very very good feng shui cure to heal relationships. Best to hang pink crystals in pairs in south west, really effective in healing relationships  among couple and married people and also activating marital luck for singles.
A Dark blue crystal is best placed in north or north west to activate career, wealth, travel and job luck. Activating clear vision, good for business people, and top management professionals,  and focus in life.
Gemstones and crystals as feng shui cures

Green Crystals in feng shui 

Transparent  Good Quality Crystals in feng shui for healing

Pink crystals for feng shui ba gua  relationship corner
Purple crystals are great for enhancing wealth luck and are best in prosperity sector of your home or south east. Activating the crown chakra and spiritual growth.
We also have red, orange and yellow crystals that are best in south, south east and center of your space,
Always keep your crystals clean and sparkling  shiny, and do not allow them to chip or break, broken crystals are not considered good in feng shui.
God Bless and Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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