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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Found a coin dropped a coin symbolism Which is the Best shape of purse in Feng shui Attract more wealth

Found a coin dropped a coin symbolism Which is the Best shape of purse in Feng shui Attract more wealth.
There is strong symbolism in feng shui for finding coins. Coins symbolizes metal luck and good luck. In case you accidentally find a coin, it is considered to bring good luck. Keep the coin separately and safe and do not spend this one.
Antique coins Feng shui good luck
Found a coin dropped a coin symbolism in feng shui
It would look strange to pick up dropped coins of some one else from road, do not do this. This is the energy for the earth and will not bring any luck, in fact may harm more. 
By saying found a coin is when we or some one from family, friends are getting ready, paying, or removing something from pocket and the coin accidentally falls, then this one is a sure to keep. 
This is also not going to work if you ask for the coins or take it on your own without informing them.
Which is the Best shape of purse in Feng shui to Attract more wealth? 
As we say in feng shui always go with the flow, this is a relative term. What is best for one may not be so good for another.
Still keeping in mind the feng shui principles for attracting wealth handed over the years by renowned feng shui masters we can keep some simple points while buying a womens purse. 

If you know about feng shui you will definitely know the theory of elements, you can learn more about this from my book on Kindle, Most Dangerous Powerful Feng Shui Cures Use with Care
A great feng shui purse would have the feng shui factors but would be one that gives you the comfort level as well as carries all your world inside.  
A traditional feng shui purse has a specific shape. By this I mean not triangle, square, this you can incorporate as you find your lucky element. The best shape of your purse is the one that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. The mouth of your feng shui purse has to be smaller that the lower part.
This shape prevents that money will not escape from the bottom. Having the good luck colors of career and wealth in your purse will also help to bring in more good luck. Best colors for purse being black and purple, dark blue, very good as also red purses attract more prosperity.
If you consider your lucky element you can choose purses with that shape. Square stands for stability and strength. Triangle shaped purses attract fame energy.
Rectangle represents growth. Adding feng shui gold coins tied with red ribbon attracts more wealth towards you.
The shape of your purse must give respect to currency and coins alike. In feng shui coins, metal luck is given much importance so have a separate section for loose change and coins.
Then there are some precious coins given by elders, these have awesum feng shui good luck energy. Do not think of them as less change, and avoid spending these coins. Save them and let the magic work on your wealth. 
You can store found coins in a, lucky feng shui wealth jar , kept hidden from public view to attract wealth luck. 
If you drop a coin accidentally , again this one can add up to unexpected expenses and money running away so keep this coin , and do not spend this one. Donate some amount so that the jumping/rolling energy of money is controlled and it does not lead you to extra expenses. 
One thing people say about found good luck coins is that they are spent some how within three days. I don't really know how true this is. That the money goes away, so store it well safely in locker to keep the luck with you.
Golden Treasure Chest  acrylic on oil sketch paper, by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Hope this helps! Do share your experiences if you have found good luck coins and how it may have brought you luck!
All the Best from Rizwana!


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