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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Which is the Best Laughing Buddha statue and How to Choose Laughing Buddha Feng shui cure for wealth and prosperity

Which is the Best Laughing Buddha statue and How to Choose Laughing Buddha Feng shui cure for wealth and prosperity
So many feng shui cures and so many laughing Buddhas!Just drop by in any feng shui shop or online gift items  shopping site that sells cures and you see just about different types of Laughing Buddhas statues and sculptures.
From the many inquiries that ask which is the Best one and which will help us to get more wealth, well the one that you like and connects with you is the best answer!
Feng Shui Prosperity Cure Laughing Buddha Tips by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Laughing Buddha Feng Shui Cure For Good luck by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Some Practical insights
1) Laughing Buddha is not a God and you need not worship this.
2) Laughing Buddha originated from the lore of the fat monk who carried a bag , that was believed to attract luck, food, grains and  jewels. All his belongings for life.
3) Its a strong symbol for wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui.
4) Laughing Buddha in itself is just one cure and there are many other wealth cures in feng shui.
5) If you do not like this/ not comfortable with this cure,  its Ok, then better choose some other feng shui cure for attracting wealth.
6) Placement suggestions for Laughing Buddha are important and right placement show great results.
7) Intentions are truly important, it works!
8) The original use of this cure was to attract Good Luck (luck, happiness, good relationships, all in all good feng shui!)  but today it has been highlighted as just  wealth cure.
9) The size of the Laughing Buddha is in no way proportionate to the energy of luck and wealth you get. That is larger figurine does not guarantee more wealth.

 Now some Practical Tips for choosing/ buying  Laughing Buddha -
1) Complete figurines of Laughing Buddha are preferred. Check that any body parts are not missing.
2) Select a ceramic mud on for best results. Now this is not mentioned anywhere but I feel this is best!
3) Different poses are seen that bring a smile on your face, The Laughing Buddha is a symbol to welcome prosperity, best in standing position with hands  carrying a bag, holding a bag.
4) Get a Laughing Buddha that has a specific direction. Look at the eyes , the feet, the hands, are they in sync. Some times the eyes look sad, or look away from the space, and the body posture does not match, this disturbs the emotions of the viewer and also creates confusion during placement of this beautiful powerful wealth cure.
5) Clearly define the purpose you are putting up this cure. Your intentions are also important for your wish fulfillment. Golden color is good.
6) For welcoming good energy the hands folded smiling one is great! which is seen at entrances outside main door.
7) Wealth and good luck, the one carrying a bag, or golden bowl, coins, all symbols of wealth, and this has to be placed inside the house and never outside.
8) We see a lot of large sized complex Laughing Buddha figurines, If you buy a Laughing Buddha on/with a frog, a horse or other symbols like tortoise, vehicles, combined , just check whether the message it is giving out to the universe is clear and not confusing. The horse energy can crush, the tortoise can slow down and the laughing Buddha may walk away in other direction!Lying down, folded hands, and many different poses.
9) According to the Laughing Buddha Figurine you have the placement may differ. And the effects seen may differ. We also see Laughing Buddha figurines in gemstones, and natural stones . Rose quartz, jade stones and crystals ones. Personally I suggest,  prefer the simplest one in golden color in ceramic. Sending a clear message to the universe.
If you have  laughing Buddha choose one that is smiling and has a fat stomach, don't forget to tickle his tummy every time as say Feng Shui Old Masters, keep the energy activated, it not only brings a rush of happiness in you but also with your daily intent, been proved to attract more luck and wealth!
Don't forget to share your experiences and your Laughing Buddha figurines for understanding their symbolism and choosing the right placements!
All the Best from Rizwana!
All written matter and photographs are my original content and please do not copy and use this for personal or professional use, Thank you!


  1. Laughing Buddha has always been the symbols of happiness and joy. In Chinese Buddhism, as the next Maitreya his figures may not show but he is also known for prosperity and good career.

  2. Yes thank you so much Antique Buddhas, I love your site, this is such great information, and I love my Laughing Buddha, its a sure shot feng shui cure!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful informative link for my Awesum readers of Feng shui Simple Cures!
    God Bless from Rizwana!


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