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Friday, May 8, 2015

Full Length Mirror in Bedroom Feng Shui Symbolism Effects 8 Tips for Full length mirrors in Bedroom with feng shui

Full Length Mirror in Bedroom is one of the latest trends in modern home decor trends. Not only this but people also opt for decorative mirrors, artworks in mirrors, glass frames, chips designer mirrors as well as colored mirror glass frames. We see so many attractive full length mirrors that not having one is difficult.
When you are faced with relationship issues, marital quarrels and arguments among husband and wife, better check out your bedroom for full length mirrors, this may be one of the reasons, from the feng shui energy point of view.
Large sized full length mirror on pink wall of bedroom
Mirrors in feng shui are very important as they reflect energy. Feng shui masters share of many incidences where large sized mirrors hung in bedroom and more so facing the bed of the sleeping couple have led to misunderstandings, quarrels,and often third person entry in relationship. In extreme cases also have led to divorce.
Some scientific reasons may be behind the Masters thoughts on feng shui,   that mirrors must not be kept open, that is they must be covered during nights as the person sleeping may get scared if they see their own reflection at night.
They also believed that ghosts when they move do not have reflections, and are not visible in the mirror. Then there are also myths and folk lore that souls moving at night get trapped in the glass during nights and thus affect the viewers.
Full length mirrors have become trendy as they reflect the whole body and help in dressing up as well as for those weight watchers, give them a correct picture of their body. It also reflect light and full length mirrors make the room appear double the size.
In feng shui mirrors have to be used with precaution, we do not want to reflect the wrong energy to the universe. While mirrors are used to deflect negative energy and shar poison arrows effectively they may also in some case produce shar energy, like in bedroom. Even wall mounted Televisions have reflective surfaces and work the same energy as full length mirrors at night.
Feng shui and full length mirrors in bedroom Some tips on placements- 
1) If you have a dressing table with full length mirror try to face it away from the sleeping couple.
2) Try to cover the mirror at nights even if it is not facing your bed.
3) Avoid too many full length mirrors in your bedroom, your life will become public and you will find difficulty in having stable relationships.
4) Full length mirrors can be in dining room and living rooms as protection and wealth symbols.
5) Keep a watch on what the full length mirrors in bedroom  reflects, it must be something positive and not a dark corner or a leaking spot!
6) Use Mirrors to beautiful spaces and increase, double income and money or food.
7) In bedroom you can use mirrors for the north sector to activate wealth and career.
8) You can if possible go in for modern decor that now has concealed mirrors in the wardrobe door, that's quite cool! and also with feng shui!
Take Care !
All the Best from Rizwana!
putting a beautiful image on the side / base of your full length mirror in bedroom helps to balance the energy, in this photograph here there is a beautiful feng shui painting to spread love and happiness !

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