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Saturday, May 23, 2015

I Have a South Bedroom I have Painted my Bedroom Walls Red! Some South Bedroom feng shui for Fame

I have Painted my Bedroom Walls Red! I Have a South Bedroom I have Painted my Bedroom Walls Red! for Fame
 feng shui color red for happiness and love, will this assure to heal relationships and attract happiness in marriage? and fame
Red is a color of love and passion and has been used to represent hearts in love. In feng shui we lay a lot of importance to the bedroom feng shui and any imbalance here leads to and affects the whole life and that of your family. Living in a red bedroom makes people feel restless, stressed out, tired and energy drained. Always on the edge feelings.
With the modern interior trends highlighting a wall with bright color still rules and people do choose red as per feng shui for the south sector. This is an important feng shui sector to attract fame and recognition. For getting a good reputation, name and everyone wants to be famous!
If your south sector falls in the bedroom do not go over board with this color and paint all the walls of your bedroom red! Bedroom is a space where the body unwinds and needs peace and relaxation. All red walls are yang energy and will not allow the inmates to feel at ease, and this may lead to quarrels, arguments and stress in life of the couple.
1) If your south sector falls in your bedroom use other simple feng shui cures to attract fame energy. Can you use candles, that represent fire energy in a way that blends with the decor? some people also burn fragrant candles this allows to also make the environment relaxing as well as act as a feng shui cure for bringing in the element of fire.
2) If you have small children and loving pets then fire also should be avoided and you can go in for paintings in red color.
3) Red flowers also work wonders for fame energy, fresh flowers are always good energy but even silk ones do.
4) Awards, and other recognition symbols can be put up to activate the south sector.
5) You can also attract fame energy by simply framing your paintings in red color mountings and frames!
6) Adding up colored upholstery like cushion covers , throw pillows and rugs in color red will work wonders for the energy in the south.
7) If you dont love red for feng shui fame energy you can choose purple, gold and glittering shiny colors also. You can have one wall red , gives great interior effects and the rest walls in toned down colors.

Feeling Blessed, Original mixed media on Paper Painting for feng shui south wall by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Usually when people read on feng shui and fire they immediately start burning candles and diyas and do not consider the environment and their personal family and their choices and preferences. We see full rooms with the color red, and then though it looks good in a picture it must not be so good an energy living in this!
All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!

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