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Monday, May 11, 2015

Love and Hate Relationships Between Married Couple Practical Simple Feng Shui Tips to Improve Relationships between married couples

Love and Hate Relationships Between Couple Feng Shui to Improve Relationships between married couples
Love and hate and confusing energy between relationships some times take a toll on your health. This is turn affects your output and often resulting in low performances and job problems affecting the incoming wealth and opportunities. Married couples often face these energy tussles and feng shui simply can help to balance energy in your bedroom and thus help to easen out and heal relationships.
Understanding the energy of Yin and Yang in home and using simple feng shui cures can attract beneficial chi in your home and life. Two types of energy exist, Yin female and Yang male. If there is an imbalance in this energy in your space this results in power struggles and quarrels among the couple.
Two very important sectors you need to check out are the south west and the north west of your home. South west corresponds to the energy of the lady of the house. If there are strong symbols of strength and power here the female takes the lead every time which may not always be so good for the energy of the home. North west corresponds to the male energy and again here it is the male who has dominating energy and may sometimes be a dictator type. Frequent quarrels among couples affect stability in relationships and it also becomes difficult for the couple to conceive and have a baby, and for those with  children give an bad example for the young ones. Happiness and understanding between married couples is most important for your whole life luck.
Here in feng shui we always stress on harmony and balance. Marriage is a meeting of two souls and needs to be in harmony for the couple to be happy with each other, loving, caring and successful in their respective lives too. In case of power struggles at home, stress and quarrels, arguments among married couples you can check out these places and use these simple cures to attract good chi.
For the North West Male sector- 
1)      North west wind needs to be clean and activated with wind chimes. Blue and grey colors are great here. Stifling energy with heavy furniture or clutter here will create imbalance for the male of the home.
2)      Birds are great symbols for north west and sky pictures.
3)      Do not put family pictures here, or pictures of the dead.
4)      It is an energy for helpful friends and mentor luck. Keep the space happy with vast sky paintings, horses paintings, representing freedom and space, men,  love this energy.
5)      Avoid fire here as wind blows away fire. White flowers are good here.
For the South West Female sector-
1)      Relationships heal with the color pink. This is an awesum color to keep the chi happy here.
2)      Crystals are great energy boosters. Reflecting light and keeping the area positive.
3)      Chandeliers and shiny objects are good to keep the energy of the lady happy.
4)      Water features in south west sometimes do not work well and may affect the health of the lady.
5)      Plants especially tall plants too are sometimes shown to affect energy of Yin, womans mind making her irritable and maybe over confident, which again does not always work out good for relationships.
These two very important sectors of your home can be activated with simple feng shui cures and feng shui paintings to attract beneficial chi in your home and life. The Yin and Yang symbol is also a great way to welcome good energy in relationships so also the Reiki symbol for Male Female balance. Married couples need better understanding and love to heal and welcome prosperity, it affects your whole life and marriage and also your wealth and luck. Harmony of the Yin and the Yang is required, neither too passive nor too active. Keeping these two sectors feng shuid help to attract good feng shui energy and is one way to heal relationships.
All Around There is Love by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
All the Best from Rizwana!

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