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Friday, October 4, 2013

2 Tips of How to Maintain your feng shui Cures How to Care for Your Feng Shui Cures and What to do with broken old feng shui cures

Feng Shui Fish Tank Cure
 How to care for your feng shui cures is another very important aspect which many often we overlook. Once you buy feng shui cures, many of us spend a lot of money on buying costly original feng shui cures, and then they are neglected , thus in long term producing negative energy by accumulating dust and grime. Many times these feng shui cures rust are chipped and broken and still used and no wonder they  cease to bring the magic in your life. What to do with broken feng shui cures?
Prosperity Globe, Crystal Globe, Wealth luck

1) When you are using the feng shui prosperity crystal globe see that the globe is shiny and sparkling clean. Let go of any chipped, broken, dirty, rusted, cracked globes as they are not good feng shui. You may buy a new one if you have had great luck with this cure, and wish to continue with the feng shui cure.
2) Many times the Laughing Buddha when handled by children falls, or is chipped with any art broken, this is very bad , visual as well as emotional energy. people very often get carried away with this good luck wealth cure and put up a huge statue of laughing Buddha at the entrance where it is being touched,  handled daily by sweepers, and strangers outside. Clean it with soft cloth regularly and once in some time clean it with soft cloth dipped in salt water.
Guaranteed Wealth Cure Laughing Buddha
Chipped cracked, broken, Laughing Buddhas , turtles, ceramic feng shui cures or in fact any sculptures and statues must not be kept in you home or office.
 Keep feng shui aside while taking care of plants and fishes and pets , your feng shui cures , get to personal experiences and instincts as finally we would love to see happiness around that is true feng shui!Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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