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Monday, September 14, 2015

Tips for Feng Shui Wealth Corner Missing and why your simple feng shui cures are not working for attracting wealth

Feng shui wealth corner missing tips
Feng shui wealth corner missing affects the family incoming wealth , that is not only money but also drains energy from relationships and life seems a journey uphill. Missing corners is one of the main reason people are affected in many aspects of life and not knowing about simple feng shui cures, their life becomes a trial and they are confused No amount of efforts from their part show any fruits and their labour goes waste many times. Relationships need a lot of effort to maintain yet are strained this sure affects health and career indirectly.
Especially with the missing wealth corner it becomes difficult to hold on to money and money seems to be sliding by even if your luck is stronger and you earn good income. Because the energy to complete this sector in your life, that corresponds with a space and element in your home is missing.
Missing corners can be completed with feng shui simple cures like use of feng shui objects, colors, paintings and putting some furniture or shifting some object. Sometimes these simple cures do not show much changes in coming of wealth as there is more to it than is visible to the eye.
The southeast missing affects really bad ways and people keep struggling their whole life for accumulating wealth which seems to take a side track for them always. There needs to be a deep understanding of the science of feng shui to heal missing corners.
Then also there are a lot of factors like karmic influences and soul past karmas. The house energy feng shui is one aspect  of your luck to balance   heaven and earth luck. Colors are beneficial but still symbols and art can help attract good feng shui and balance the energy that is missing in your home and your life.So sometimes even on putting many feng shui cures there is still not much change seen as the area is already missing and you have been placing symbols, paintings in the wrong place.
Abundance a symbolic colorful abstract painting feng shui wealth  Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Colors in your artwork, sculptures, shapes and sacred geometry and healing symbols can work towards filling in  energy of these missing wealth corners. Plants are a great way to attract abundance like my favourite healing Reiki symbol for abundance.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. Awesome tips you have here! I'm sure this'll be very helpful for everyone. You can also check out zodiac Philippines for more. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks a lot Mark for liking my Feng Shuii Simple Cures! God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!/


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