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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

3 Decor Mistakes with Golden Colour Golden Colour Strong Feng Shui Cures Use the Colour to Activate Wealth Feng Shui

Money and wealth as also spiritual passion to work are all inter linked. People love golden colour and add many decor elements , furniture in this colour. As we know Gold is the ultimate spiritual colour and also a very strong symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. Masters  often suggest to add up decor elements and upholstery as well as knick knacks, and feng shui cures in this metal with golden colour. Yet , the Golden colour will not always work for your benefit, and sometimes may go completely with producing shar energy and wrong feng shui. Read here how and why.
Spiritual Golden Colour Painting
3 very important  Feng Shui Decor mistakes with this colour-
1) Using Fire along with Golden colour for south east. Not only does this affect stability of your home but also less incoming wealth means financial crunches. Fire is required for south but for south east we need growing energy. Golden colour has metal energy and with fire, as we know fire melts metal, produces negative, share energy, or neutralizes the feng shui effects of your cures.
Tibetan Mantra Lotus Painting
2) Golden Coloured Complete room decor is over whelming and puts undue pressure on inmates to always be on the edge and high stress.
3) The low desire  to work is one of the major causes of job losses and low job satisfaction as a result instability in income and work. Motivation and burning desire, fire to achieve something is missing , the reason may be the decor has too much Golden sharp objects energy. Choosing furniture with sharp edges, artworks with war symbols in golden colour, and many abstract paintings will bring energy to loose focus in life. Clear cut messages and symbols have to be displayed to attract the same form the universe.
4) Arguments, power ego issues and unnecessary arguments at home can be triggered by adding too much Golden coloured objects and wall art in the south West sector. The energy here is pairs and soothing colours go well here.
  5) Feng shui energy is all connected and activating each and every sector of your home space following the theory of elements will help the energy to flow easily and attract abundance. So if you add up Golden colour to every sector, it will mar the effects of other colours, that will also look like a major decor mistake!
Four Clover Luck 
Simple cures and decor tricks can improve the feng shui of your space. The energy for desires and motivation falls in the south sector. As we know that fame and recognition sector and is activated by the dominating element fire energy, the color red is very much essential one here. Golden colour  also acts with the same energy and has a yellow gold energy. but do add red and orange colours also. Add Golden colour decor elements for accents and highlights in decor. Try to choose paintings and wall art with golden colour for few walls only and keep the rest with their respective feng shui colorus following the Ba Gua.

Black White Golden Healing Artworks

Spiritual Geometric Abstract

It is not just for attracting good name but the complete energy for motivation to work and do any task corresponds to this sector. So if an individual is having problems continuing in a regular job, of finding it difficult to stay in one job or business it would be good to check the feng shui energy of this sector and activate this with simple feng shui cures.
Fire energy is beneficial here. But as I always suggest check out the cures you are choosing carefully. 1) Fire in any form will not work for you as cures. See that it is the dragon energy fire that will give a positive motivational push to everyone to work productively.
2) Having Temple here as any say we burn fire here daily, but this is soothing spiritual fire that will take you a way from worldly  life and encourage leaving the worldly desires.
3) Do not meditate or have relaxing seating arrangements in south sector. This leads to your destiny relaxing and going to sleep! Red Purple are great colors here.
Golden colour  energy has to be a strong, with positive intentioned one,  to work for your luck.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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