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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cooking Food in Commanding Position and Feng Shui

Food is considered very important in feng shui as we nourish our body with eating and this energy is transferred to our life. The way we look, the way we feel and the way we work all depends upon how healthy we eat and how the food is prepared.
I am not here to present good points of oven or micro wave cooking but only to put my view point on how to place these appliances in your kitchen and how to maintain them for good feng shui. Kitchen is a very important place and is considered the most auspicious place for cooking food and serving food. With your dining table, dining chairs also comes the most important appliance , your gas stove or cooking appliance. The burners have to be kept clean and always have a healthy blue flame.
The ideal spot for gas stove burners would be south or south east as this is your wealth and prosperity place. The cooking person be it you or you cook must have a comfortable and lively environment for cooking food. If the cooking person is scared or in tension then this will affect adversely the quality of food cooked and this in turn will affect your health and of all those who consume the food.
Your gas stove must be in commanding position, that is you must be able to see the door and window while making food. Placing your fridge and wash basin along with your gas stove in a triangle is the best and proved for efficiency arrangement for kitchen appliances. It is considered bad for the cooking person to have their back towards the door in feng shui.
The cook must not have the view of bathroom, toilet or any unpleasant view while cooking. People also prefer that the cooking person not face the main door or the bedroom as this will affect the quality of cooking according to the environment. In small houses or studios try to avoid kitchen facing the bed.
Why does feng shui lay so much importance on gas burners and stove. It is understood that in feng shui we consider the food cooked as money or wealth. The stocked food is stored wealth , hence always keep your fridge stocked with fruits and vegetables. Clean burners will emit healthy flame which will help the cook to make food quickly and save on fuel, as well as the cook will also not be irritable due to disturbances from the main door or bed room.
A well lit kitchen with clean and efficiently working appliances creates good chi and positive energy which promotes a healthy and happy family. In case there are feng shui breaks or poison arrows in your situation there are always simple feng shui cures for this. You can hang a mirror in the front or side of the stove so that the cook can view who is entering or going out from the kitchen. This way they will not get scared or disturbed by anyone entering the kitchen , while they are cooking.
Being in a commanding position in kitchen will also affect your career and family wealth. The mirror will also double the amount of food stocked in the kitchen, cooked food and also the food served on your table, good feng shui luck for the whole family.
All the Best!  

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