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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for Buying Apartment or Villa Bungalows

Feng shui means 'wind' and 'water' and as the Chinese believed that these two elements are most important for vegetation and happiness leading to prosperity and good health it is important for us to keep these two elements in priority when selecting a villa or bungalow for staying. Why feng shui? this is a science that will help you to transform your house into a abode for welcoming peace, good health and prosperity.
Feng shui has helped to create an harmonious environment and not only this but also helps in relationships, career, romance and all other aspects of luck in your life. With simple feng shui tips you can attract positivity into your home and it has been proved that after using feng shui many happy and successful people swear by the feng shui simple cures. You will learn how to select a good feng shui bungalow or villa and make it into your home.
Few Tips according to feng shui rules for selecting villas and bungalows-
1) See the outside environment as you enter the locality. Does the road lead straight to the villa. This is bad feng shui as this create too much yang energy going directly towards your bungalow. This creates negative energy or 'shar' poison arrows which harm the energy of the inmates. Select a house that has a curved road leading to your property. Chi is very abundant in such curved spaces.
2) Have a water feature in your property is very auspicious according to feng shui. Having a pond or brook in front is very good, where as in your back may lead to financial losses. So select such a property which ahs a beautiful water fountain or natural water feature in front to welcome and increase positive energy. Flowing water is very auspicious as this creates positive chi which is essential to enliven and uplift the energy of your surroundings.
3) Select a land which has few ups and downs or landscaped garden as compared to very straight flat ground. Chi is abundant in such landscaped gardens and very flat long area create bad feng shui as chi will escape very easily soon from here and not nourish the area with positive energy. Land too hilly is yang and too flat is yin energy so we need a balance between yin and yang for harmony. Single Villa or bungalow on top of hill is not good as all the energy is drained and falls below away from the house.
4) Select south facing homes for getting sunlight and as vegetation grows well it will create abundance and prosperity. Avoid north winds. The back of your property will benefit if there are mountains at the back for support, where as having mountains in front of your property will create blocks in energy and affect your life and career and finances adversely.
5) Straight lines are not auspicious in feng shui as the Chinese believed that ghosts travelled in straight lines. hence in feng shui we prefer curved lines in all spaces and constructions. Bridges, driveways, entrance hall ways all need to have a smooth curved pattern to be more welcoming for the chi.
Will continue with more feng shui tips in later posts, as for now consider these few simple feng shui tips for selecting a villa or bungalow for purchase. Remember feng shui is all about balance and harmony and always go with your instinct for selecting a home. Follow certain simple feng shui tips but for the final decision do follow your gut feeling as this is never wrong!
All the Best!  

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