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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Right Feng Shui Foods According to Elements and Feng Shui for Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most important problems faced by many individuals now and people are trying every means to be successful in weight loss for promoting health. Feng shui can be used effectively to promote weigh loss and welcome good health into your lives. The five elements theory will work here also as in all aspects of your life for feng shui.
The five senses correspond to the five elements and understanding these basic principles of feng shui elements theory will help you to lose weight and welcome a good and healthy figure. Each elements corresponds to one of the senses and this knowledge will help you to select and to eat feng shui lucky foods for health.
The sense of touch corresponds to the fire element and it is very good to involve some red colour in the selection of foods according to feng shui. Addition of red chillies will promote good health and add fire element energy into your life through feng shui food. The sense of smell corresponds to the element metal which is a strong energy and you can bring in metal luck through adding foods that are aromatic and herbs that will enhance the smell of food. Cardamom, cloves and bay leaves are added in most of the Indian food to enhance the flavours and aroma of food dishes. The water element corresponds sense of hearing and this is the most important sense which we ignore and hence the problem with this element results in weight gain. We eat fast and do not involve all our five senses during the process of eating and hence the food that goes inside does not give us good feng shui energy resulting in ill health and weigh gain.
The sense of sight is of wood element and it is good to involve brown and orange coloured vegetables and fruits in your daily diet to bring in earth element energy. Yellow lemons and brown potatoes as well as green leafy vegetables are a must in your daily diet to welcome the wood energy. The element for taste is earth and we all know tasty foods are eaten well and more.
You can use feng shui principles by following simple tips for weight loss. Include all colour foods in your daily diet. The process of eating must involve all the five senses that is feel the food, smell it, taste it well and eat it slowly like the water flows into peace and good health. Listen to the crunchy salad sounds and the crisp bread and let the feelings of texture rotate in your mouth before swallowing the food. Appreciate the flavours in your feng shui food and select healthy food according to feng shui principles of five elements theory for good health and weight loss.
All the Best!  

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