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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How do we Know A House has Good Feng Shui?How to Improve Bad Feng Shui of House

This very simple question has been put up by many people who are sceptical about feng shui and its effective cures. Feng shui I repeat is not a miracle or magic. It is a science  and study of elements and when these elements are balanced in a positive cycle in any place we understand and feel good energy. Feng shui is the art of placement of your furniture and basically all your home decor in a positive cycle of elements. When this balance is achieved the inmates feel good health and it is also seen in form of increased wealth and prosperity.
How do we find out whether a place or home has good feng shui? Firstly when you enter the home how is the main door? Is it clean , free of clutter and decorated with healthy plants or hanging torans and decorations or even a simple colourful door is good feng shui. Here I like to mention a very easy way to check good feng shui by any lay person.  See the energy near the main door and you get the first impression of the persons living inside. The name plate along with the house number and other details when clearly visible from outside and easily readable creates a very good first impression. Keep your door free of clutter especially shoes are scattered or even if they are displayed in neat manner welcoming chi with shoes is very bad feng shui.
When you see the house it is clean and clutter free. Every thing has a place and all things are arranged in harmony. Especially when they are arranged according to the five elements wood, fire, metal, water and earth there is special warmth in the home and the inmates though not very rich or beautiful may be at peace with their situation. You sense good health and prosperity in terms of happy relationships and well balanced finances. By great wealth we do not mean just having more money as we all know having more money is no assurance of having a happy life and healthy relationships. The energy of any home can be judged by how you feel when you enter the house.
Just keep all your senses open and you will be attracted to positivity and chi will be happily flowing in a good feng shuid home. Plants even when placed in corners will seem happily growing and all rooms clean with feng shui colours and happy feng shui paintings on walls bring about a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere. The growth of healthy plants in the home is a sure way to find out the feng shui of any area or home. Because this means there is a balance of sunlight, wind and water here to promote healthy growth of plants which is an indication of good feng shui.
To improve feng shui of a home which ahs bad feng shui there are many easy cures and which will show you miraculous results within few months. Start with the main door and feng shui each and every room along with your bathroom and store room. Clutter free and clean every day with burning incense. Treat problem areas of your home with feng shui cures in forms of wind chimes, feng shui money coins or feng shui simple cures in form of feng shui paintings. If plants do not grow as your home has insufficient sunlight for the day try to incorporate artificial sunlight. This can create wonders as we have latest lighting fixtures that can brighten up any corner of any room. Also if you do not have a green thumb avoid having sick plants and try putting some artificial silk flowers or plants that look almost like real, except take care to keep them dust free and clean. And you will instantly improve energy and feng shui of any room however much there is bad  energy there are many simple feng shui cures to instantly improve feng shui of your home.
All the Best!  

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