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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Importance of Number Zero in Feng Shui and its Energy

Feng shui is also based on numbers or numerology and each number has a specific meaning and attribute. Going along feng shui principles and understanding basics of numbers also helps us to achieve the aim of prosperity and good luck. Numbers come in our daily life in many ways and having some knowledge can help us to choose lucky numbers wherever we have the choice.
The number zero is of utmost importance. Though we consider zero as a failure in life as we mention zero accounts, zero marks etc. But in feng shui zero is considered auspicious. it means infinity or unlimited and here we refer to unlimited possibilities. As zero itself has no value and when it is added to any number the value of the number increases many folds.
Having zero in your flat number, office address or bank account will be considered to have many possibilities. And you will see progress as you put effort to work for this. Where ever the number zero is there you can add the value by putting little effort and the results will multiply many folds. Try to select numbers which do not begin with zero as this reduces the value of the other numbers. When we see a scale the same principle applies here. The left side or negative rating is in minus and the right side numbers are positive on your scale in plus.
Use the number zero with respect and as very often we repeat that zero has no value, think and stop this. Start giving value to zero and see the miracles it will bring in your life. The energy of number zero is a balanced one and it acts as yin as well as yang in different situations. It is up to you how effectively you put value to the number zero. The energy of balance and harmony with the number zero in your life this will bring unlimited opportunities and limitless energy as well as wealth to you.
All the Best!  

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