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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Right Number of Feng Shui Lucky Chinese Coins and Their Meaning

Coins are an easy and sure way to welcome wealth and money luck into your life. People use this feng shui cure and we see many people tie feng shui lucky coins and put them into their home, office and wallet or purse.As coins are metal energy you can improve their energy by using a red ribbon to tie the feng shui lucky coins. The importance of feng shui numbers can be used to effectively improve your money and wealth luck.
Feng Shui Simple Cures
Having a single feng shui coin is considered inauspicious as Chinese believe the number one promotes loneliness. It is always good feng shui to have at least a pair of feng shui coins.Single coin has no particular significance whereas two coins , as the sound in Chinese for two is easy, will promote easy coming of money. three number means rebirth and having three Chinese lucky coins will mean money is always replenished or replaced and symbolizes the wallet will never be empty.
Number four sounds and represents death or to die and having four coins means death of money and this situation is the worse in feng shui so it is very inauspicious to have four coins as this will bring bad money luck and the person will always be short of money and in debt. The number five is again very inauspicious as the sound of Chinese word five means 'no' hence money will not come to such a person who has five coins with him.
You can also hang a beautiful feng shui lucky coins painting to invite wealth luck into your home or office. personalized lucky coin paintings can be got by considering your personal feng shui lucky number.   Six means to roll and yes, money comes rolling in to a person who has six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon for money luck. Seven means to be sure and this indicates that money will surely come to such a person. eight means prosperity and what better number than to use eight coins to welcome prosperity. as this will mean that you will become prosperous.
The number nine or having nine gold coins for luck will mean money will be forever as this word means longevity and will promote good luck and wealth luck for your whole life.
So the number of coins you have in your wallet for luck will affect directly to your money luck and you can use feng shui numbers for attracting good money and wealth luck.
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  3. What does the number 10 represent?

    1. In Feng Shuii these are taken as two numbers. blackroses666. Energy of one is more powerful. Zero adds up on increasing the value here, immense hidden potential. Independence, self determination, aloofness, hidden stored potential. Dont use this number if you are working in a team or as a group.

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  5. What is the significance of 12 or 13 coins?


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