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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feng Shui Tip for too Much of Yin or Yang energy Numbers, Number Two in Feng Shui

Numbers are an very important part of our lives and we are linked with numbers right from our birth in from of our birth date and time of birth along with the day and year of our birth. These numbers have a great influence on our destiny and as we say numbers play havoc so also do they lead us to our destiny.
There are odd numbers and even numbers and as I do not wish to go very deep into this science of numbers called numerology we will discuss numbers in simple form and how to use numbers for your benefit in your daily lives.
Numbers also have an energy which affects us in any form. having even numbers or odd numbers will have an effect on our life and destiny. Odd numbers are considered to have yang energy or white energy that is celestial or masculine energy and even numbers are yin energy, the dark or down ward energy which will pull you down.
many times people find themselves stuck up with more yin energy numbers and every action that they make will require extra effort as the energy from yin numbers will keep pulling them downward . In feng shui we think about balance and anything which is in imbalance will create bad feng shui. One important tip to cure this bad feng shui is to add a zero or any icon to break the number power and use numbers to your benefit. If it is harmless to add a number and possible you can add a pattern of a circle to your flat number, of n write them always together to increase the total number value an thus break the negative effects of yin or yang numbers.course in legal matter this will not be possible. In case you have your birth date and year you can write them together to break the negative effects of too much yin or yang numbers. Some people also write date along with their year and month to add value to their numbers.
yang numbers are often termed as celestial energy numbers and are connected to the heaven luck. Whereas the yin numbers are connected to the earth luck.
In number two the feng shui symbolism is very lucky as we all know for any success there is the pair luck required. This two number will help you to come out of any problems and you will always find a friend or soul mate by your side. Always we in feng shui believe number two to be very lucky for marriage luck  and hence having anything or object in pairs in your bedroom will not only invite marriage luck but also attract the right partner for marriage and if married will promote love and harmony in your existing relationship.
In office the number two will attract good business partners and prosperity and wealth. There is special symbolism attached to the number two as pair of any energy will create balance and feng shui is all about balancing energy.
A pair of dragons in the south or a pair of phoenix birds for fame and a pair of mandarin ducks in the bedroom  will invite lots of feng shui luck into your home. Hanging a feng shui painting having anything in pair will instantly improve the energy in your home and life. Having the number two in your birth date may reflect in your personality as having too much yin energy. Adding the number one will make it total of number three which again is a very powerful number.
So which ever number you have you can total up your birth date, month and year and come to your personal number. then you can study the main attributes of this number and understand the energy of these numbers. Accordingly you can try to balance or improve the energy of yourself and your destiny by using numbers to your benefit.
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!  

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