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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Power of Number One in Feng Shui

Numerology is a very vast field and this knowledge here is a very simple and basic for any reader. I do not compare this with a professional numerologist and here you will find only basic meaning and importance of the number one according to feng shui. One as we understand is the first number in the list of numbers and hence it is very important.
You may have the number one in your roll number, flat number or office numbers and in many other fields you see the number one. It is seen alone or with other numbers to form another number. One and one , eleven and another one becomes one hundred and eleven. As the value of any number increases when one is added it is of important energy in feng shui. Anything that increases energy is considered auspicious and positive in feng shui.
Let us see some of the attributes of number one. As we know the numerical number one is written in form of a standing line '1' the image itself indicates authority and respect. The energy of number one is strong and firm and people having this number in their birth date or any form have strong hidden energy and lots of potential in them. Use this energy for progress and and to attract prosperity.
Number one has masculine energy. Male energy and hence it is considered to have yang energy in it. The energy of a leader and hence we often see number one post or top post , number one officer or number one owner. Leaders also have strong qualities which promote good luck and success in any venture and they can use this number one to their benefit.  The energy of father or male energy the number one is considered very auspicious in feng shui. It indicates strength and stamina.
Only important tip according to feng shui is never keep the number one alone as this will promote too much yang energy and sometimes you may end up being alone in your family, office and life. Try to add some number here and there where ever possible. If your flat number which is not possible as you also have building number, or any place is single one, try to add few green plants to balance the energy here. You can also add wind chimes to make the strong yang energy in harmony and for your benefit. If you have birth date number one try to write or mention your month along where ever possible or your birth year along with the birth date to avoid keeping the number one alone.  
In feng shui the direction of north is considered to have number one energy. The north section of your house or office is very important for your career and wealth success and you can effectively use feng shui to improve the chi of this area. One metal vase with white or cream flowers here will work wonders for your career and business opportunities luck.
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!  

Power of One modern elephant paintings
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