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Monday, April 30, 2012

Feng Shui Guidelines for Selecting Artists Studio Apartment

For an artist their studio is their haven! Great pieces of discovery and new art is made here and feng shuing your artist apartment will not only make your studio liveable but also promote good creativity and bring prosperity and good business opportunities towards you. Being an artist myself the study and deep search for great feng shui tips after reading material from everywhere I could lay may hand on I have come up with few simple guidelines for artists for their studio apartments.
Around the west people often stay in rented or own studio apartments that have only a single room or one room and a  half along with attached washroom facilities or maybe common bathroom facilities. Artists may not be able to afford an studio apartment in the beginning of their art career and many also opt for a rented apartment. If you are considering for a rented apartment for your studio for living cum working purposes follow certain feng shui simple rules.
As you enter the building feel the path, by this I mean look around and concentrate on your feelings, how is the entrance of your building, locality and surroundings. This will affect your career in unknowing manner. See the plants whether they are growing healthy or barren, dried surroundings as this is bad feng shui for an entrance and will only bring ill luck for the inmates according to feng shui along with making your mood depressed as you enter and leave daily.
The stairway and the lift , what vibes do you get, is it welcoming or dirty and out of order, which will again affect your personal as well as professional life. Imagine you are in a hurry for a meeting and the lift is out of order or you are hell tired and just want to jump to bed and you have to take the stairs! All these experiences will create bad chi which so not good for you and I doubt whether your career will take a positive move!.
Contact the neighbours (very very important)Think about everyday when you return tired in anticipation of a good nights sleep and you are disturbed by loud music and noises! Or you are painting a great spiritual piece in meditation and you are disturbed with blaring music from your next door restaurant or neighbours teenaged children. Here I know all artists will agree with me, though I know a few who can paint great with only music playing on!. You as an creative person will need some quiet and calm along with a good locality where there are galleries and art dealers nearby for keeping professional contacts.
As you enter your studio apartment how are the vibes? Now if you are going to work here or also stay here will effect how you furnish your artists studio. So think accordingly. Water facilities, sunlight, privacy and ventilation all are important aspects from feng shui point of view for selecting a good artist studio apartment. Keep small plants to act as energy up lifters in this small studio enclosure. Finally keep all the clutter free and all your work related tools and materials organized. This does not mean your artist studio is clean, spik and span, which according to f eng shui is good for your home where you need to relax, but here in your artist studio you need to get your creativity level high so keep things that will boost your creativity and encourage you to make good art. Focus on the north and north east for good career. The south and south east for fame and money and the west direction for creativity.
See that the artist studio you see fulfils all your professional and personal needs and select such an artist studio which will not only promote good health, but also bring along good friends as well as promote your career and prosperity. Artists studio is the place where you produce good art, and another important aspect is that art has to sell for your sustenance. Feng shui helps to improve the chi of any area and also bring along good luck and prosperity. For good feng shui think what it is all about..wind and water and of course sunlight, but all in balance, this would be the ideal place having best feng shui energy. Even if you are staying in a rented apartment studio or are not satisfied with the progress in your career or personal life you can use simple feng shui cures to solve these areas and attract luck in any field.
All the Best!  

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