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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to get the most from your vacation using feng shui

With vacation time around we see families and couples all going out and enjoying the vacations. people choose destinations from east, west, north and south. From small weekend trips to long trips people go according to the time available and the budget for the vacation trip. Many families having small children enjoy trips to weekend getaways having fun rides and games along with the stay.
The selection of destination is very important for you to come back relaxed and full of energy after your vacation. With hectic lifestyles and stress in our daily routine well all need some relaxation in form of a trip with the family or friends.
How to get the most from your vacation.using feng shui will guide you to follow certain simple rules according to feng shui to get the most benefits from your holiday trips. First important rule is to consider the age group of all the members going on the vacation. It would not be great for your old parents to be on a hiking trip, neither of you will enjoy! Consider your budget and keep some extra for other expenses sot hat you all can enjoy the trip and come back happy and relaxed.
It is very important to have a vacation or trip within short span according to the mode of your work as we  all spend energy working and doing the daily routine for years will remove the spark of enthusiasm and life from you. All will  seem fine at the surface but the creativity and enthusiasm will do on reducing. According to feng shui the basic of our survival depends upon chi or the energy which is required by our body and soul. As we eat food to replenish the energy of our body so does our soul require energy to be replenished. When you find yourself stuck up and irritable it would help when you take a short drive or trip outside country or even a small drive out to dinner might help to replenish your energy.
For getting the most from your vacation think about the elements involved. Bu this I mean all the members going on the vacation trip may have corresponding different elements and some may be a water person whereas another maybe a fire one. A destination liked by the fire person would involve adventure sports and a destination involving sea beach trips would make a water person more happy.
Now how do you make every one happy with a trip, here feng shui principles come to help as you can find destinations and offers from travel agencies that will accommodate all sorts of people tastes. Many travel trips are a combination of hiking, water sports and drives by road , visit to heritage structures as well as viewing art and monuments from history all are accommodated in your travel trip.
Select a destination that will either go along with your element or an element previous to your element of positive feng shui cycle. Have a combination of yin as well as yang activities while you are on a trip. By this I mean sports, hiking and all vigorous activities are yang as they are energetic activities which will increase your chi. The passive activities like watching a movie, silent dinner, watching an opera, sleeping, meditation all involve yin energy which will also be required to help you relax and not tire off with your vacation trip.
Keep a healthy balance of activities during your trip and come back replenished with energy and full of life after your vacation following these simple guidelines from feng shui.
All the Best!  

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