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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meaning of Shars and Simple Cures in Feng Shui

Poison arrows or shars have been frequently mentioned in feng shui and these have to be cured otherwise they create serious problems in your life and may even lead to severe losses in finances and ill health. Shars are poison arrows that is any object, person or place that is not in harmony with nature wand has an negative effect on your mind is termed as a shar.
Any arrangement or road in straight line creates a shar, a single tree in front of your building or entrance creates shar. This is negative energy which will drain your mind of all positive energy and will affect your health and finances. This may be as simple as your neighbour hanging clothes and dripping water at your front door or even the electricity wire hanging over you entrance or people scattering footwear near the entrance of home. Simple things in our daily life may be creating negative energy which takes up place in our mind and uses our energy, which other wise can be used for constructive purposes. Tall buildings surrounding your building or single tall tower hovering among small houses all create shars which are bad for the inmates and creates pressure on the other constructions. All this creates imbalance and anything in imbalances is bad feng shui.
With feng shui we learn that wind and water also must be in balance otherwise a air, water, sound, sunlight all in large quantities is harmful and there need to be a balance among all the elements for good feng shui. The worst shar which is very difficult to remedy in feng shui is over head hanging electricity and cable wires. This is the worst scenario which is difficult to cure even by the most trained feng shui consultants. Many healers often advise to change the residence as this live hanging wires are always a threat to inmates. A single tall tower is another shar which is difficult position but can be cured by feng shui cures. Your sharp cornered sofa chair or table also creates shar energy. The over head beams in rooms are worst shars in any house. Tree branches coming over your front door or house roof create shar energy which ahs to be rectified immediately. Furniture placements in your house or office where you always accidently hit some object also is bad feng shui and creates shar energy.
Most important is that a shar ceases to exist if it cannot be seen by us. Here you can hang some objects like wind chime, wall hangings , lights or put some tall plants to conceal the irritating view. Any object that will neutralize the negative energy coming towards you , either stop, slow or divert this energy will be termed as a feng shui cure for your shar.
All the Best!  

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