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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Feng Shui Tips to Select Furniture for your Home Office

With changing times many people are opting for home office. There are many furniture pieces and home offices especially custom made according to your profession available in the market. One or both the spouses are working from home using the internet or home office facility to work and submit assignments. In feng shui we lay utmost importance on the design of any furniture and its placement. Your success in any venture depends mostly on how you can work efficiently from your home office and complete your work submissions and assignments on time.
While selecting furniture for your home office consider how many people are going to use this. If you are alone to sue this then you can follow your professional needs and personal choices but if more people are going to sue it do keep in mind the needs and professional requirements of others while selecting any furniture for your home office.
First rule is to control yourself from buying high end furniture from costly stores just to keep with the latest trends. It may not fulfill your professional requirements and you may end up with a large piece of furniture or home office range of furniture which would be latest chic de cor' but,  which would make you feel out of place!
If you are going to make office in your living room consider the space available leaving aside living room area for seating and entertainment area. Do not spread out your home office scattered in the whole living room. This will later on affect your family life and may also lead to misunderstanding and even separation. Same rules would also apply when you have a home office in your bedroom.
Divide a section and make the office as compact and efficient to work with .
Organize all the required materials and stationary near the office, that is printers, office tables, chairs and even pens and pencils! You do not have to run from one room to another while working. Arranging your furniture in a proper feng shui manner will lead to great progress in your professional as well as personal life.
If two people are going to use the home office do make arrangement in seating and working simultaneously as even though both may not work at one time but sometimes both may need the place at one time and it must not create problems as to who will use the chair!
Select arrangement for your furniture such that it can be divided or covered when not in use. This is most important rule in feng shui to have a relaxed sleep and family life. Unless you cover your home office you will not be able to disconnect with your job. You can either sue a partition of wood or acrylic and there are many partitions available in the market that are not only fancy , to go along with your home decor but also cheap. Even tall plants can act as dividers or wood panels painted can also be used when in need and folded when not required.
Compact office are the latest trends now in home office furniture where you get customized furniture according to your requirements. You can first prioritize your office requirements and then go in for purchasing home office furniture. Arrange your home office according to your best feng shui position for good luck and prosperity in your career and finances. The element that falls upon your home office area would also be an important guideline for selecting furniture for your home office. This will vary from person to person as some benefit from a north home office where as some find it miraculous to have an office in the south east or east section of your home. Also do consider your personal element when selection any home office furniture for good career progress and success in any new ventures.
All the Best!  

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