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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Relationship Adjustment Problems and Health problems - Use feng Shui

Many people face adjustment problems in their relationships between family, friends and colleagues. Though we change jobs often when we cannot carry on with some office colleagues it is not always possible to change your family and it may be true that you find serious difficulty in adjustment due to differential view points. Feng shui has simple guidelines to follow where you will see noticeable difference in your relationships and health.
A simple tip would be to change your sitting and sleeping positions. Now beds cannot be changed as people prefer to keep stability in their sleeping positions and especially if it is in your best lucky position having back to a wall, but changes can be done when you sit in the living room or office lobby , canteen. Do not use the same seat regularly for many years . People are in the habit of sitting in the same chair,  sofa, settee or recliner. This makes your thinking rigid and not adjustable to change. Unconsciously you make a set of habit pattern in your mind and this reflects in all other aspects of your life. This makes your view point strong and rigid and sometimes in life we need flexible thought sand opinions for progress. Opinions must be with every person but there must be scope for learning new experiences and knowledge. According to feng shui sitting in the same sofa chair or sofa will make your mind set and rigid. Rigid thinking will create problems in any relationships be it your home or office. Try to sit in different chairs or sofa seats to understand different view points. You will get to see the room from different angles and this will make your thought processes active and adaptable to accept change.
Reiki also indicates that being adaptable and flexible in thoughts and not having rigid opinions will help in your health and relationships. Many people suffer from joint problems and calcium weaknesses which is often linked by spiritual reiki healers to rigid thinking. Joint pains , knee pains, back pains all lead to the one main point that you think in rigid manner and are not open to others view points.
In office as you may not be able to change your table and chair do try to sit sometimes in the chair of your customer. This will help you to get better understanding form this view point and help in increasing your business and opportunities. Similarly when you sit to eat try different chairs if possible and in your living room try to sometimes change positions while viewing television or chatting with your family. Try it, it will work.
All the Best!  

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