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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birth Stones in Healing - by Rizwana Mundewadi

Since the past year I have been dwelling on the thoughts of stones and they have also come up during my healing paintings. With the amethyst being my birth stone I have been fascinated with the immense healing properties of rose quartz and Jade stones.
The jade stone a beautiful green coloured stone is considered one of the  most auspicious in feng shui to attract good luck and prosperity. green being the colour of growth and vegetation it is used in all healings for bringing about change and growth. The rose quartz a pink healign stone used for healing the mind and body along witht he soul to bring about acceptance and self love. This stone not only aids in  healing physical body ailments but also develops feeligns of self acceptance and love which enables  the healee to understand their self and accpet their situations for a better future life.

Birth stones have been used since ages to ward off evil luck and achieve great wealth and prosperity. Birth stones are a symbolic of power, wealth and luck. Gems and stones have been a symbol of luxury not only that they represented richness but also in cases of any misfortune they could be sold for a large price. We have seen the powers of birth stones and the stones have energy to attract positive vibrations from the universe and help its wearer to progress in life.
Different months have different stones that are beneficial for healing. The birth stones when worn in the correct finger and according to your birth chart will aid in increased awareness, remove negativity, increase inner strength, bring stability and courage, increase creativity and bring about a new freshness in the life of the wearer.
Birth stones help to become more communicative and open up the blocks in chakras which prevent progress in your lives and the right stone can work miracles! Portfolio
All the Best!  

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