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Friday, May 11, 2012

Elevators and Feng shui

Lifts, elevators are considered very auspicious in feng shui  as they lead the chi upwards. How to put elevators is important in feng shui as this will affect how your business performs and how your sales or finances increase or decrease.
It is very important that most elevators lead up wards and they must rise above the ground and move up. If more of down going elevators are placed in any premises or especially near the entrance it will lead to losses, material and financial as well as staff problems. The basic principle here is upward moving elevators lead energy upwards which is required for positive growth. This energy is transferred upon the business goods, rooms in your shops as well as the staff outlook and customer thinking. This increases the sales symbolically, a feel good factor, and gives good returns from your business. Down ward going elevators lead the energy down and have a pulling force which hampers your progress as well as your business suffers drawbacks and losses. This pulling down energy will affect the whole environment, Not only will your customers feel the over powering downward pull which will make them hesitant to make purchasing decisions but also the staff will require much more extra effort to close any business sales deals.
It is not always possible to have upward elevators only and we need the down ward pavement as well to keep a balance and grounding feeling as only upward energy will make the people have blurred thinking and not make practical decisions. If you have a downward going elevator put tall plants here to encourage upward energy. Hanging symbolic feng shui paintings also will dissociate the negative energy coming down and will neutralise it into positive energy. You can also make a curved position of your elevator so that it does not face the entrance of your main door. This position is considered very bad in feng shui as the energy coming inside will go outside directly without mingling near the floor if your elevator faces to front entrance.
All the Best!  

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