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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easily Activate Wealth Corner of your Home Feng Shui

Wealth corner of your home is very important in feng shui and if you can locate this area ,that is the south east section and your career area, that is the north , you will benefit immensely when you activate these areas of your home. Not only will you see progress in your career in form of new opportunities and rise in salaries but also new opportunities coming from unknown and unexpected quarters.
The best feng shui cure to activate your wealth area is to hang hollow wind chimes in this area. Metal wind chimes are the best as they make a pleasant sound which reminds us of our aims and career ambitions. You can also hang shiny metal ornaments or any shiny decorative show piece of metal which will reflect light and shine. Here the size is not important , your affirmations and intentions are important as unconsciously you are reminded of your goals every time you hear the wind chime or view the sparkling ornament.
To activate your wealth corner try to use light and brighten up gloomy and dark corners. Add on extra lights when this area does not receive sufficient direct sunlight. You can also add green plants in your wealth section, but do take care to see that the plants do not die. If the chi is not good and plants die here do not keep live plants and go in for artificial silk plants, cleaning them regularly and avoid dust to accumulate here.
Hanging a crystal in the north section activates your career section giving you the extra boost of energy required in your profession and business.
The south east section is the wealth corner of your home and needs to be activated to invite wealth luck. You can select wind chimes that are hollow and do consider  your personal element and select the color of the wind chime accordingly to get the most benefit from activating your wealth corner.Use a metal bowl with Chinese feng shui good luck coins tied with a red ribbon to activate your wealth corner.
All the Best!  

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