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Friday, May 11, 2012

Back Door Importance and Significance in Feng shui

In feng shui the back door is considered very good as the Chinese believe the energy needs to flow into the house from the mouth, main door and have space or outlet to make the negative energy flow out. Having two doors are auspicious in feng shui but the placement of both doors are very important.
Your back door must not be directly opposite to your main door. Chi will move very fast and will not get time to remain into your home or office. This is bad for your home and the inmates will suffer from health problems and material losses as well as financial losses. Here you can remedy this with simple feng shui cure like placing a screen or divider in between the two doors that will direct the wind to flow in a curved manner which is very good feng shui.
The main door must be larger than the back door. The door is symbolic of wealth coming in from main door and going out from back door. If the back door is larger this will lead to material as well as increased financial expenditure and also losses. Similarly the main door also should not be too large as this will be like a big mouth and will need extra effort form your part to keep a balance with your finances and expenditure. The doors should be in proportion to your house walls and rooms. The back door can have a small kitchen garden to further encourage chi to hang on a little more without moving out swiftly from your house. This will not only keep the area at the back of your house well maintained but also give you the benefit of having healthy vegetables and fruits.
Back doors should not have any shars , just like the front door. Here you must not have another door facing directly as well as hanging wires or over head electricity poles. It is also not good to have connected back doors with other people as chi gets confused and there is always a possibility of the negative energy coming out form your neighbours entering through your back door right in to your haven. Even plants and trees that have sharp trunks that face towards your back door  produce shars or poison arrows that will affect your peace and health.
You can place a mirror to reflect back the negative shar or put up plants that move swiftly with the breeze , this will neutralize any negative energy and convert it into positive life giving energy force. Avoid single trees or plants near your back door always put plants in a group, as a single plant or big tree in itself produces a shar which is felt by everyone. Keep the back door also clean as you pay attention to the front main door. Never accumulate clutter here and do keep this place tidy along with your whole house. Regular cleaning and tidying is essential as the back area of your home is also a part of your home and any disturbances in energy here will have an effect on your personal as well as professional and financial life.
All the Best!  

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