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Friday, May 11, 2012

Selecting a Place for Office and Feng Shui

Selecting an office shop or flat for your business is most important for the success in your business and your financial position. The more your business runs and the more customers you get or the sales involved will increase your financial returns and effect your wealth and money aspect in your life. How can you use simple feng shui rules to select a good office that will be beneficial for your business and give good financial returns will be discussed in this post.
Whiles electing any premises for your new venture or business first consider what you want from this place? Are you in sales field where you need daily more customers who will come to your shop? Are you offering services like a doctor, specialized service will require specific clients and not crowded with any category of people. Have you considered the budget about purchasing the place or renting the shop and how you will go about this. Begin with positive energy as tensions in finances in the beginning will have an adverse effect on the financial returns from your venture.
Consider places that have curved paths that lead tot he premises or shop. Straight roads produce shars or poison arrows that lead chi directly towards the door which is not considered good in feng shui. Look at the road , it has to be clean and welcoming. The outside view has to be pleasant and if not you will have to make it pleasant and clean when you purchase the premises.
Do consider the lighting ,that is natural sunlight also before choosing a shop for office. Now here you have to think about the business you run, that is a shop owner of electronics may not require direct sunlight for most parts of the day a electronics need to be kept in dry and cool light.  Now a person selling groceries will require some sunlight daily at least for the entrance, to make positive energy here, whereas another example, of a doctor who will need a welcoming entrance but not direct sunlight for full day, whereas another service provider who works from flat may do away with artificial lights for most part of the day, which is cool. Feng shui means wind and water but how much? A gentle breeze is considered good and a smooth flowing stream or lake is good but gushing waters from drains is not good and blast of air is bad feng shui. The outside environment should be appropriate and be inviting for your customers, the client must have faith in your services as they see your office from outside and your entrance must be welcoming.
See the inside walls and lighting and windows also. There must be a balance in all elements if possible but if not this can be easily remedied by using feng shui simple cures. You can have plants near the entrance to bring in positive energy and try to avoid big trees that are directly in front of your main door of the office. This creates a shar which is not good for your business. and big branches of a tree that point directly towards your main entrance of office is not good, trim them and place a screen to block the negative view for your clients.
The road leading top your shop must not have garbage bins or stinking with flies and if you are providing health care services, or any other service provider , especially your client will be repelled to come inside as they will doubt whether you will be good if the outside environment is not welcoming.
Do consider how much area you require and how many rooms or compartments you will divide the premises or shop for office and inside office feng shui will be discussed in later posts.
All the Best!  

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