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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feng Shui Furniture and Decor Style Tips

Furniture displayed in your home indicates your personal choices and preferences. It represents your identity and the home owners nature and personality. Feng shui style furniture or keeping in mind certain feng shui rules while selecting furniture will help you to increase the ambience of your home and welcome good health and prosperity.
Feng shui applied in any place welcomes positive energy which in turn promotes well being and wealth coming into your home. I would like to mention feng shui furniture in three basic terms, simple, graceful and elegant. Any furniture piece has to have simple cuts and the basic model has to be practical and useful. In feng shui we encourage furniture that is useful and convenient. Any furniture piece displayed in your living room or any room of your home or office has to serve its purpose. Furniture lying idle , just for decorative purposes is not good as this will accumulate negative chi and disturb the environment. Furniture has to have simple cuts and design and avoid sharp corners or edges. We also prefer round or oval pieces as compared to furniture having sharp edges. Even rectangular or square tables or beds can have rounded corners to avoid poison arrows emmitted from them.
Select furniture with soft colours and in feng shui we prefer to have all furniture with few colours. Especially the Chinese and Japanes style furniture is made of red, black and embellished or decoarted with gold. These colours are symbolic and represent growth, good health and prosperity. I like the Chinese red tables that are painted with dragons or carved with dragon figures in red and gold. Many times my feng shui paintings have these colours in feng shui paintings used as cures. These furniture pieces are very attractive and sufficient to enliven any environment.
In feng shui when we select furniture the basic rule is less is more. Minimalistic furniture, clean designs and attractive feng shui symbolic paintings all increase the feng shui energy of your home and welcome prosperity and grace.

Placement of furniture according to feng shui principles is very important to balance the energy fields of your home or office. Consider the five elements when selecting furniture for your home and bring home good wealth luck. So have wooden furniture for the east and the south east to activate the small wood and big wood area of your home. This will activate wealth and prosperity corner of your home and bring about good money flow and career growth in your life in terms of successful financial deals and increased income. Whereas for the north have rounded furniture with metal element or have a water feature to encourage career and wealth luck.
All the Best!  

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