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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Simple Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom for Love and Romance

Feng shui is very effective to promote love and romance into your life and family. As feng shui is all about balance we first consider the requirements that the room provides for our self. A good feng shuid bedroom must help one to relax and create positive feelings and also encourage passion and love between the couple.
Your sleeping position must be in your feng shui commanding position so that you are relaxed and can see the door of your bedroom. This will help you to relax well as you know when anyone enters your private space.
Do not face the door or toilet when sleeping and also keep the doors of toilet tightly shut when not in use to avoid flushing of your energy and wealth. It is very easy for anyone to be misled by hanging feng shui paintings for love and romance in bedroom. Available paintings online may refer to erotic and vulgar paintings depicting sex and passion as feng shui art works for bedroom and as many people do not know about feng shui science they may feel this will help in their relationships.  Well such paintings are only good for bachelors and single people as well educated and married people prefer simple love symbolic paintings. While displaying artworks in your bedroom for love select feng shui paintings that depict couples or pairs of birds, flowers, fruits, candles; the rule in feng shui paintings for love is to have anything in pair.
Try to avoid having objects, furniture or paintings that will make you uncomfortable or uneasy. The main feng shui rule for bedroom is that your bedroom is a place for relaxation after a days work and you need to replenish your energy with a good nights sleep or after noon nap. Even objects that are  single like a single vase or one table is not good. Always have two side tables for both the partners. Prefer to have two of anything so that you give the message to your brain that the bedroom is made for two people.  This is also an important feng shui tip for people who are single and wish to get married soon. Two pillows, two lamps and two paintings or a feng shui painting depicting two vases or pots is considered very auspicious. Feng shui paintings of birds in pairs and flowers in pairs are also considered very auspicious to attract love and romance.
Your bedroom is the most important place for both of you and it must have things and furniture that you feel comfortable with. The things that you see and observe or smell will affect your relationships and feng shui for love sure works! if you observe paintings of single tree or dry landscape then your mood will also be affected with this and you will begin to feel lonely and depressed. Try to avoid any water features or paintings having water as this creates confusion. Also avoid real plants even if your south or south eats or your best prosperity corner falls in your bedroom. Instead have a feng shui paintings displayed here that will symbolically represent plants, wood or water element in your feng shui bedroom.
All the Best!  

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  1. Every time I read a post on Feng Shui I am glad that I can take something new from it. Never knew that having objects or pictures that incorporate water creates confusion. About two months ago I decided to implement Feng Shui into my bedroom in hopes of having a better sleeping pattern, and I am shocked that it has helped a lot ! My mornings feel more tolerable ( coffee still helps though) and I feel more rested. The only issue I am facing is my color scheme. I have heard many theories on what colors to use and which ones not to use. Right now my walls are a dark blue and I was thinking of purchasing these light blue bed sheets to go with it. Not sure if I should buy them or not if I have to re-paint the room though. Any opinions on this ? Also I found this neat Feng Shui test just for anyone to have fun with !

  2. Thanks for loving feng shui.
    Whatever you choose for your bedroom do keep in mind the sole purpose of your room, relaxation and rest.
    As far as you get up refreshed and happy anything works!

  3. Yes! I guess I will have to test it out and see what works for me best.


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