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Monday, November 10, 2014

Red Silk Ribbons a Great Feng Shui Cure for Good Luck Uses of silk Ribbons in Feng Shui Cures

Red Silk ribbons, red and orange tussles have been used in most feng shui cures. Even the most traditional Tibetan culture Ashtamangala eight auspicious symbols for complete good luck are always tied with red silk ribbons.
In feng shui the color red has strong symbolism and can be used to activate the energy many times more than without the use. Red color is an energy color and used to multiply the energy many folds.
This is also a very powerful symbol of fire energy.
Hence to activate the wealth sector of your home Chinese good luck bamboo plants are tied with red ribbons, Even other feng shui cures are also tied like feng shui bell, evil eye cure and the feng shui mirrors and many more, the reason being that it activates the feng shui cure immediately and brings about change.
While using color red in homes or in apparels always be careful that this is a strong energy color and those who suffer from anxiety, anger, blood pressure,  and other emotional diseases and problems can get aggravated with being around more of red. Even if the area falls in south sector try to go to the next closest energy color, orange and yellow or golden. They will have the same energy effects , and yet be soothing to your eyes and body.
The best feng shui cure for attracting wealth into your lives, a red purse, and keep good luck coins tied with red ribbons inside to welcome more money coming your way!
Feeling Blessed 

Greedy Dragons of Fame

Tangerines Goodluck 
All the Best from Rizwana!
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