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Monday, November 3, 2014

Your Trash Can and feng shui Important Tips for Garbage Dust Bins Trash Cans

Feng shui for your trash can can affect your wealth, happiness and fame and recognition , relationships and prosperity. Here I share some very important points for Trash cans and garbage bins.
1) Colors toned down and not very bright. Garbage is waste that goes away from your home and has to be in light colors as it must not draw a lot of attention. 
2) Always keep trash clean, LOL, not that you avoid keeping trash in but after use always clean it or have a disposable garbage bag inside the bin.
Feng Shui Trash Cans Dust Bins Tips
3) Stinking and broken lid trash cans must be changed. It attracts disease, flies as well as ugly gestures from neighbors and passers by!
4) Never place trash cans in front or side of neighbors doors. This is a bad habit and even if the entrances of your neighbours meet you must avoid to place two trash cans side by side. Keep it at a distance or lower. 
5) Check where the garbage area falls , never in wealth and relationships  sector. Place garbage in any area but avoid strongly south, south east, north sectors. 

6) Use trash cans of adequate sizes, overflowing garbage form cans can prevent happiness and wealth coming your way!
7) Use color, shape and modern feng shui symbolism to use your trash can to attract peace and happiness. No wonder baby trash cans have cartoon characters and fairy tales images and we also see lot of cheery yellow, vibrant red and royal blue trash cans , designer funky trash cans, modern feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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