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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Buy Pair of Original Ming Antique Vases Simple Feng Shui Cure Strong Symbol of Prosperity

Buy pair of original antique ming vases, they look very pretty and of course cost a fortune unless you are lucky enough to have them handed over by ancestors,  China ware,  ceramic vases are strong feng shui symbols of wealth and prosperity. Feng shui simple cure for wealth is of course the laughing Buddha that stands happily near facing the main door to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. Vases , pots,  containers, vessels have been used a symbols of prosperity and wealth since ancient times and feng shui also encourages use of symbolism to attract wealth and money luck to your home.
Pair of Original Antique Ming Vases Feng Shui Cure Symbol for Wealth Photo  by Mrs  Rizwana A.
The bright fresh colorful ming vases attract the eye and bring in loads of positive energy.  They can go along with any decor style and add an upper quotient to the interior of your home. Vases and pots have been considered strong symbols of prosperity and I love to collect pots vases and most of the times times I buy cheaper ones and hand paint them to bring out a uniqueness and originality.
Ming  vases original antique ones are strong symbols to attract wealth and money into your home. Buying and displaying things objects of great value add the fengg shui energy to attract more money and wealth.
Pair of  vases displayed in the  south east section of your  home or living room is a very good   feng shui cure to attract wealth luck into your home. The colors red, ultra marine blue, bright green and gold are spiritual colors and symbolize wealth and high status.
Floral patterns and birds painted on original ceramic ming  vases also attract helpful friends and mentor feng shui luck into your lives. It is advisable to have a pair of vases instead of single one as in feng shui the Chinese avoid any thing one,  single, as it  reflects loneliness in life.
Select size of vases according to the place available as too   large vases would not serve the purpose, being conspicuous ,  and too small sized  vases would disappear to a corner in a large room. Also look at the painted surface and choose ming vases with pictures you love, floral and birds patterns almost have universal appeal.  Chinese vases also have Wise Old men painted on them to attract healthy longevity and wealth luck. There are also idols of these wise old men as  symbols of good luck and prosperity. The Three Gods Fuk Luk Sau ,  three Gods of success and wealth, Fuk blessing of good luck, Luk-financial security and authority, Sau-good health and longevity.
Placing symbols of abundance itself gives the brain messages  to prove the position, and as it is said like attracts like, wealth symbols attract more wealth into your home. Golden colored objects , fancy artificial jewellery in antique jewellery box, shiny sparkling pieces of artefacts all add up to  the wealth feng shui energy quotient of your home.
Bring in feng shui energy of stability, fame  and financial abundance with original antique ceramic ming vases.
In case you do not have any antique vases you can hang a painting of one, do visit my website for good luck prosperity pots and vases paintings.
Have a Great Day!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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