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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Micro wave oven equipment and Cooking Ranges feng shui cures

Micro wave oven equipment and Cooking Ranges feng shui cures
Feeling energy drained after using an electrical equipment, modern cooking method micro wave ovens, try this simple yet very effective feng shui cure.
Salt a very very powerful cure to remove negative energy.
Your micro wave oven and cooking ranges can benefit with some positive chi around.
At times after many uses we see that electrical cooking ranges and micro wave ovens draw more energy from electricity as well as you. Cooking  sometimes starts to become boring and energy draining for you. Check out the feng shui of your modern cooking equipment and ovens.
Add some color here and use green to protect from radiations.
1) unplug after every use all equipment and cooking ranges . Removing from electricity sources will conserve energy of your equipment and you.
2) Clean them after every use, left over foods, and stains drain your energy gradually unknowingly.
3) Clean your ovens with salt and lemon water, if possible boil water with some salt and lemon juice to purify your equipment. Remember to dry off the oven and all modern cooking equipment well before next use.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Kitchen Wealth  Micro wave Oven feng Shui

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