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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome Prosperity Wealth with Refrigerator Using Feng Shui

Welcome prosperity and wealth with refrigerators. How can your fridge bring wealth into your life. Refrigerators in f eng shui are considered very important and auspicious. Not only does your fridge make a style statement but it is the most important piece of furniture in your kitchen. It stores your food and , food in feng shui is the most important resource to build energy and life source, which reflects directly in your family’s health and mental well being. Clean up the hidden clutter.
Have noticed that all fridges are different, not physically only, with top doors, two doors, four doors, drinking water facility,  and bottom freezers, small and medium and big sized refrigerators, some are spic and span but empty, some are over stocked with contents falling over you on opening the door, and some are just unkempt.
Feng shui take on refrigerators, simple tips for creating good chi into your kitchen and home. Stale food in fridge emits negative energy and affects the whole family. Once in a week or so depending upon the time you have do clean up the fridge and assess the date of expiry of food items and things , vegetables and fruits, eatables, going stale. See that the food stored is properly covered and stored in your fridge. Do remove packets, empty or those which have passed expiry date out and throw them, as people have habit of giving away this but a thing expired which is not good for you is not good for anyone.
Keep it organized, each thing must have a place of its own, eggs, vegetables, milk , fruits, see that they are placed in their respective places so that every member of the family can find them and you do not lose out on and waste precious food items as of neglect. Do not over stock, as full fridge means good feng shui but over stocked fridge does not mean the same , it means you are unorganized and irresponsible to nature and its gifts from universe, as an over stocked fridge most of the times many items go waste.
Buy fridge according to your family members and needs. Buying a large fridge and keeping it empty most of the time is unrealistic even though you can afford it the refrigerator will emit negative vibes as you will waste precious electricity in keeping it and also space in your kitchen. The fridge should be appropriate according to your family needs and life style. If you need cold storage more space buy a design as that, and if you stock cartons more of juices and chilled drinks think and buy accordingly, and if you need to store more dry items consider a fridge patterned like this.
Your refrigerator the most important part of your family in feng shui your kitchen is the most important to replenish chi positive energy as in cooked and stored food, keep it clean and well maintained, and welcome good health and prosperity into your life, family and home.
All the Best!
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Thank You!

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