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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simple Feng Shui Tips for Cleansing Costly Antiques Artefacts

Simple Feng Shui Tips for Cleansing Costly Antiques Artefacts 
Buying costly artefacts and antique objects and furniture is the latest trend. With contemporary furniture we do love to collect few collectibles like antique old furniture, carved wooden trunks, or small porcelain vases with Chinese calligraphy. Like contemporary style homes have minimalistic furniture they sure have rare antiques on display and antique old furniture pieces along side. While buying few precautions must be taken as for the feng shui energy of each antique object or resale antique old furniture.
In feng shui Masters believe each object has its own energy. As with new objects of art, paintings so also old rare antique objects and artefacts carry a lot of energy with them. the stored energy comes to the new home as you buy a piece of antique costly artefact. The previous owner, the antique shop, the place where it was displayed and the reason of the previous owner for selling this piece of costly antique piece and art. Whenever we go out to buy a antique show piece or painting we do not realize this, we just look to the price tag and what we like and would fit into our requirements. Most of the time there is good energy, but sometimes bad energy comes along to your home with the object. The previous owner may have suffered financial losses and sold this costly art piece, or the owners may have died leaving this antique furniture which ended up in garage sale, the owners may be mentally sick, or the antique dealer may have possessed this piece with fraud. The object will have this stored energy in it as it lies in the antique shop and as you buy it it transfers to your home and family.
Now I do not mean to scare people from buying old furniture or antiques, even we do like certain pieces and have added to our home, just taking right care for cleansing and then displaying would be fine. The antique shops may be gloomy and dusty and the piece though rare may have lots of stored negative energy, whereas in good reputed antique shops the furniture and antique objects are taken good care of with love and regular cleansing. I have seen people burn incense regularly and keep the premise clean with proper care of cleaning and keeping the antiques in great condition, they must with, the fortune the pieces cost!.
Simple feng shui tips for buying costly antiques- Buy costly antiques from reputed antique dealers, you do not want to buy a duplicate and pay for the original!They assure you that you get good rare pieces, along with the bill. Here you are also assured of the history of the antique furniture, as it is not stole or got by fraud. While buying copper silver and gold antiques and rare gemstone pieces this is very very essential as you will be paying a fortune for buying these rare artefacts.
Feng Shui Simple Cleansing Care for Your Antiques- The most important step for any piece be it antique furniture, antique artefact, old painting, antique rare gemstones jewellery, you have to perform the cleansing ritual yourself. Sometimes the purification may be required more times f the furniture has lots negativity which will be felt by the inmates of the home as restlessness, uncomfortable feeling, fear, anger depression, or just feeling of the antique piece not fitting into the decor. Remember there is a place for every thing and unless you find the right place even a costliest antique piece or art or furniture would not give you satisfaction.
Costly antique Jewellery pieces need to be cleaned with utmost care, hold under running water, ( have a container below, you do not want to lose any part that may be loose or falls) very mild soap, add a few pinches of salt in water and clean them, do not soak as some precious stones may crack, not rubbing but gently cleaning the stones and metal. Immediately clean with fresh running water and dry with soft muslin cloth. Intentions for gem stone jewellery is important to give you a lasting relationship with the costly antique choker, or earrings or gem stone rings, put an intention that you get good auric healing, vibes from them as protectors and bring lots of luck to you..
As for carved antique wooden furniture, wipe it with soft dry cloth, add salt to some water and wipe the furniture with this water, again taking care not to rub the carving very hard. Clean small knicks and corners also as there may be stored negative energy in cracks and corners. after this burn incense and purify the whole furniture while this you may also chant some of your religious scriptures. While the purified furniture feels light and clean now you can place it in your home and begin its use.
Antique Metal sculptors bought also would follow the same cleansing ritual before displaying it in your home.
Costly antique artefacts do brighten up your homes and also adds rare energy to the environment  one of specialness and uniqueness. But proper care is essential to help bring in positive vibes from these costly antique art pieces.
After care of antique artefacts is also essential to maintain the feng shui energy of these rare objects of art. Keep them regularly clean and let these antique artefacts bring loads of positivity and good luck into your home.
All the Best!

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